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  • Question 1 of 14

    How much does Thornton win in his wager with Matthewson?

  • Question 2 of 14

    What breed of dog is Buck?

  • Question 3 of 14

    What do the Indians call Buck?

  • Question 4 of 14

    What group of Indians murder Thornton and his friends?

  • Question 5 of 14

    What are the names of Thornton's two friends?

  • Question 6 of 14

    What is the term used for a prospector who strikes gold?

  • Question 7 of 14

    What is the name of the outdoorsman who saves buck from the stampeders?

  • Question 8 of 14

    What is the name of the dog who becomes sick and is shot?

  • Question 9 of 14

    What is the name of the dog that Buck kills to become leader of the pack?

  • Question 10 of 14

    What is Buck trained as?

  • Question 11 of 14

    To what region of Canada do the dispatchers take Buck?

  • Question 12 of 14

    What color of sweater does Buck's overseer wear?

  • Question 13 of 14

    Where is Buck originally shipped?

  • Question 14 of 14

    Why does Manuel steal Buck from the Millers?

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