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Question 1 of 15

Who does Augustus tell Hazel she looks like?

  • Natalie Portman
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Michelle Williams
  • Tyra Banks

Question 2 of 15

What movie do Augustus and Hazel watch together?

  • V For Vendetta
  • Mission Impossible
  • Harry Potter
  • Top Gun

Question 3 of 15

What weapon does Hazel compare herself to?

  • a grenade
  • a bomb
  • a machine gun
  • a missile

Question 4 of 15

Who encourages Hazel's parents to let her go to Amsterdam?

  • Dr. Maria
  • Dr. Charles
  • Van Houten
  • Lidewij

Question 5 of 15

What kind of cancer does Gus have?

  • osteosarcoma
  • leukemia
  • colon cancer
  • lymphoma

Question 6 of 15

Who was Caroline?

  • Augustus' old girlfriend
  • Hazel's best friend
  • Hazel's younger sister
  • the teens' support group leader

Question 7 of 15

How did Hazel use her wish from the Genie Foundation?

  • trip to Disney World
  • tickets to a Backstreet Boys concert
  • a visit from Oprah
  • vacation in Hawaii

Question 8 of 15

How does Van Houten describe time in his letter to Gus?

  • he says time is a slut
  • he says time is not enough
  • he says time worthless
  • he says time is the absolute worst

Question 9 of 15

What toy from her childhood makes Hazel really sad?

  • a swing set
  • a dollhouse
  • a tea set
  • a bicycle

Question 10 of 15

What does Hazel learn about Gus on their flight to Amsterdam?

  • he is afraid of flying
  • he is an only child
  • he is allergic to peanuts
  • he has never been out of the country before

Question 11 of 15

Where do Hazel and Gus share their first kiss?

  • The House of Anne Frank
  • the grocery store check out line
  • Augustus' car
  • the hospital waiting room

Question 12 of 15

What do Gus and Isaac do to Isaac's ex-girlfriend to get revenge?

  • egg her car
  • toilet paper her house
  • spray paint her bike
  • prank call her

Question 13 of 15

Why is Hazel a vegetarian?

  • to limit the amount of suffering she causes in the world
  • animals are too cute and cuddly
  • she thinks the taste of meat is gross
  • to stay skinny

Question 14 of 15

Why has Hazel's mother been taking classes secretly?

  • to be a social worker
  • to get her master's degree in finance
  • to become a real estate broker
  • to get her teaching license

Question 15 of 15

What is the name of Anna's pet hamster in An Imperial Affliction?

  • Sisyphus
  • Timmy
  • Cleopatra
  • Baxter

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