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The Fourteenth Goldfish
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Question 1 of 15

What did Ellie's grandfather discover?

  • A way to reverse aging
  • A new bacteria
  • A cure for acne
  • A cure for Polio

Question 2 of 15

What is Ellie's father's profession?

  • Actor
  • Video Game Designer
  • Plumber
  • Teacher

Question 3 of 15

Why does Brianna no longer have time for her best friend?

  • She is playing volleyball
  • She is acting in a play
  • She is working at the mall
  • She is working on an experiment

Question 4 of 15

What is Ellie's grandfather's favorite take out meal?

  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • Pizza
  • Mexican

Question 5 of 15

What is the gift Ellie's grandfather got for her grandmother each year?

  • Slippers
  • Jewelry
  • Flowers
  • Perfume

Question 6 of 15

What type of animal is Melvin trying to get from the lab?

  • Jellyfish
  • Mice
  • Bunny
  • Goldfish

Question 7 of 15

Who becomes Melvin's lab assistant?

  • Raj
  • Ellie
  • Brianna
  • Ben

Question 8 of 15

How do they get the T. melvinus?

  • Raj pretends to be a pizza delivery guy delivering pizza to the lab assistants
  • Ellie pretends to be a daughter of one of the scientists at the lab
  • It is mailed to Ellie's house from another scientist
  • Raj uses Melvin's key card while Melvin distracts the guard

Question 9 of 15

Who is Ellie's fourteenth goldfish?

  • Her grandfather
  • Her grandmother
  • Brianna
  • Nicole

Question 10 of 15

What word do Ellie and Melvin use to describe life and science?

  • The Possible
  • The Impossible
  • A Puzzle
  • An Observation

Question 11 of 15

What culture do Raj and Ellie bond over?

  • Eygptian
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Mexican

Question 12 of 15

What is the best gift Ellie received for her birthday?

  • A microscope
  • A cell phone
  • A puzzle
  • A burrito

Question 13 of 15

Why does Ellie repaint her bedroom walls?

  • She realizes her friendship with Brianna has ended
  • She is moving to a new home so they have to repaint the walls to sell the house
  • The handprints remind her of her grandfather
  • She wants to feel older and her current decor feels childish

Question 14 of 15

Why does Melvin not publish his findings?

  • He realizes that it could have a negative outcome on society
  • Everyone thinks he is a teenager
  • He cannot replicate the experiment
  • He wants to keep it to himself so he can win the Nobel Prize

Question 15 of 15

What is the building number of Melvin's lab?

  • 24
  • 23
  • 14
  • 12

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