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The Hound of the Baskervilles
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Question 1 of 13

Whose footprints were found near Charles' body?

  • A gigantic hound and Charles own prints
  • Charles own prints and an unknown individual
  • No footprints at all
  • Charles own prints only

Question 2 of 13

Who came to London to ask for Sherlock's help with Charles mysterious death?

  • Dr. Mortimer
  • Barrymore
  • Henry
  • Stapleton

Question 3 of 13

How did Charles die?

  • Heart disease and fright
  • The hound attacked him
  • An individual attacked him
  • Injuries sustained from a fall

Question 4 of 13

How did Mr. Stapleton fit in to the Baskerville's family line?

  • He was the son of Charles' younger brother
  • He wasn't a relative, just a neighbor
  • He was the son of Charles' older brother
  • He was Henry's long lost brother

Question 5 of 13

What item of Henry's did Sherlock find stuck in the mire?

  • His old black boot
  • His new boot
  • His pocket watch
  • His hat

Question 6 of 13

What delayed Sherlock and his team from searching for Stapleton?

  • Fog
  • Rain
  • A leg injury
  • A distraction from Miss Stapleton

Question 7 of 13

What did Mr. Stapleton keep in the mire?

  • The hound
  • His butterfly collection
  • Miss Stapleton
  • Mr. Stapleton never visited the mire

Question 8 of 13

Who fell over some rocks and broke his neck in the mire?

  • The convict
  • Henry
  • Sherlock
  • Watson

Question 9 of 13

Who wrote the letter that Charles burned in his fireplace?

  • Laura Lyons
  • Mr. Stapleton
  • Miss Stapleton
  • Miss Barrymore

Question 10 of 13

Why was Henry walking with Miss Stapleton when Mr. Stapleton approached them angrily yelling?

  • To woo her
  • To see if she knew anything about Charles' death
  • It was an unplanned meeting - he only walked with her to be polite
  • They knew each other previous to Henry's arrival at Baskerville Hall and they were catching up

Question 11 of 13

What relationship did the Barrymores have to Charles and Henry Baskerville?

  • Domestic help and cousins
  • Cousins
  • Domestic help
  • No relationship

Question 12 of 13

To which train station in London did the cabbie take the man with the beard?

  • Waterloo
  • London Bridge
  • Charing Cross
  • Victoria

Question 13 of 13

Which newspaper was the note cut out from telling Henry to leave?

  • The Times Newspaper
  • The Penny Saver
  • The New York Times
  • The Washington Post

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