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Question 1 of 15

Who does Peter credit the survival of their troops in such great numbers?

  • Edmund
  • Aslan
  • Susan
  • The mice

Question 2 of 15

How are the stone statues in the Queen’s courtyard brought back to life?

  • Aslan breathes on them.
  • When the Witch is killed all of her spells are broken.
  • Lucy uses her magic healing potion.
  • They are awakened by the sound of Susan’s horn.

Question 3 of 15

Who removes the cords from Aslan’s body after his sacrifice?

  • The mice
  • Edmund
  • Lucy and Susan
  • The beavers

Question 4 of 15

Why according to the Emperor’s Deep Magic does the White Queen have a right to kill Edmund?

  • Because he is a traitor
  • Because she is the anointed Queen
  • Because he killed one of her soldiers
  • Because he ate the food she offered him

Question 5 of 15

When is “the first time in this story [Edmund] felt sorry for someone besides himself”?

  • When the witch turns a group of animals having a tea party to stone
  • When he see Susan lying wounded on the ground
  • When the witch kills her dwarf for mentioning Aslan’s name
  • When the witch beats Mr. Tumnus to extract information about Lucy

Question 6 of 15

Why does Aslan chastise Peter after his “first battle”?

  • For forgetting to wipe his sword
  • For being too cautious
  • For letting the wolf live
  • For not allowing others to assist

Question 7 of 15

What is the name of the palace where the siblings are destined to reign?

  • Cair Paravel
  • Cairn Percival
  • Court Perenice
  • Castle Prosperity

Question 8 of 15

Which of the following is not a sign of the White Witch’s weakening power?

  • A rainbow stretching across all of Narnia
  • Father Christmas
  • Flowers
  • Melting snow

Question 9 of 15

Which is not a gift bestowed on the children and the beavers by Father Christmas?

  • a compass
  • a horn
  • magic cordial
  • a sewing machine

Question 10 of 15

What is Maugrim, the White Witch’s head of secret police?

  • a wolf
  • a bear
  • a dwarf
  • a bunny

Question 11 of 15

What is the White Queen’s heritage?

  • Half Giant, Half Jinn
  • Half Human, Half Dryad
  • Half Giant, Half Human
  • Half Human, Half Lillith

Question 12 of 15

How does Mr. Beaver prove to the Pevensies children that he is a friend of Mr. Tumnus?

  • Shows them Lucy’s handkerchief
  • Gives them the locket Lucy had gifted Mr Tumnus
  • Shows them a hasty note from Mr. Tumnus
  • Tells Lucy Mr. Tumnus’ parting words to her at the lamppost

Question 13 of 15

What enchanted food does The White Witch feed Edmund?

  • Turkish Delight
  • Pear Drops
  • Spun Sugar
  • Chocolate Squares

Question 14 of 15

Why does Mr. Tumnus invite Lucy to accompany him home for tea?

  • He is under orders to capture any human children he encounters.
  • Narnian traditions of hospitality dictate that one must invite those travelling alone to tea.
  • She had arrived without a coat and her hands were starting to turn blue.
  • He has never met a human before and is intrigued.

Question 15 of 15

Who is the first of the four siblings to discover Narnia?

  • Lucy
  • Edmund
  • Susan
  • Peter

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