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Question 1 of 16

How does Thomas arrive to the Glade?

  • An elevator
  • Prison wagon
  • From the maze
  • Coffin

Question 2 of 16

What are Grievers?

  • Mechanical creatures
  • Runners who’ve seen someone die
  • Giants
  • Beetles

Question 3 of 16

What do the Runners do?

  • They go into the Maze trying to find an exit
  • They go into the Maze trying to kill the Grievers
  • Try to be the fastest to the center of the Maze
  • They run to the Cliff

Question 4 of 16

How often does a new arrival come to the Glade?

  • Once a month
  • Once a year
  • Once a week
  • Once a quarter

Question 5 of 16

Alby says if Thomas wasn’t scared on his first day Alby would do what to him?

  • Throw him off the Cliff
  • Make him a Runner
  • Give him to the Grievers
  • Lock him in the Maze

Question 6 of 16

Newt gives Alby ________ after he is stung by the Griever.

  • Grief Serum
  • Griever Antidote
  • Griever Pain Serum
  • Grief Fluid

Question 7 of 16

What phrase does the Maze’s shifting walls create?

  • Float. Catch. Bleed. Death. Stiff. Push.
  • Float. Bleed. Stiff. Catch. Push.
  • Push. Float. Bleed. Stiff. Death.
  • Catch. Push. Stiff. Bleed. Death. Float.

Question 8 of 16

The first night the doors stay open, who do the Grievers take into the Maze?

  • Gally
  • Teresa
  • Chuck
  • Jason

Question 9 of 16

Teresa is the _______ girl in the Glade.

  • First
  • Third
  • Second
  • Fifth

Question 10 of 16

What does Thomas remember after being stung?

  • How to escape the maze
  • His parents
  • His true name
  • How to kill Grievers

Question 11 of 16

Gally throws a knife at Thomas, who protects him?

  • Chuck
  • Teresa
  • Alby
  • Newt

Question 12 of 16

What is the name of the organization who created the Maze?

  • MAZE

Question 13 of 16

What does Thomas reveal to Chuck during his first night in the Glade?

  • He’s been in the Glade before
  • He knows how to escape the Maze
  • He doesn’t belong in the Glade
  • He can’t run

Question 14 of 16

When an alarm sounds in the Glade, it signals what?

  • A new boy is arriving
  • The Maze doors are closing
  • Grievers are attacking the Glade
  • The Grievers are awake

Question 15 of 16

What can Thomas remember when he enters the Glade?

  • Images of people with smeared faces
  • The Glade’s purpose
  • His age
  • His parents

Question 16 of 16

How many quadrants are in the Maze?

  • Eight
  • Four
  • Two
  • Six

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