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Question 1 of 16

Where does Ivan live at the beginning of the story?

  • the mall
  • the jungle
  • the zoo
  • the traveling circus train

Question 2 of 16

What can Ivan do?

  • draw
  • sing
  • do tricks
  • dance

Question 3 of 16

Who is Ivan's closest friend?

  • Stella
  • Not-Tag
  • Julia
  • Mack

Question 4 of 16

What does Ivan do to save Ruby?

  • paints a picture of Ruby in the zoo
  • paints a picture of Mack mistreating Ruby
  • paints a picture of Ruby in the jungle
  • paints a picture of Ruby and Ivan in a zoo

Question 5 of 16

Where does Julia have her father put Ivan's pictures?

  • on the billoard
  • on the door
  • in the window
  • in the gift shop

Question 6 of 16

What shows up on the news that makes Mack mad?

  • the stick he uses to beat Ruby
  • the food he feeds Ivan and Ruby
  • the pictures Ivan draws
  • the cages Ivan and Ruby live in

Question 7 of 16

What snack food do Stella and Ivan enjoy eating?

  • yogurt raisans
  • chips
  • pretzels
  • fruit snacks

Question 8 of 16

After Stella dies what do they do to her body?

  • they throw the body into a garbage truck
  • Mack digs a big hole to bury her body
  • they sell it to a taxidermist to be put in a museum
  • they burn it

Question 9 of 16

What item is NOT in Ivan's cage?

  • a hammock
  • a tire swing
  • a TV
  • a stuffed gorilla

Question 10 of 16

What was painted on the wall of Ivan's cage?

  • a jungle
  • a city
  • a gorilla
  • an elephant

Question 11 of 16

What part of Stella's body was injured?

  • her foot
  • her eye
  • her tail
  • her trunk

Question 12 of 16

Where does Bob sleep?

  • on Ivan's belly
  • in the dog park
  • in Mack's office
  • at Julia's house

Question 13 of 16

Why does Ivan hide the pictures that will save Ruby?

  • he doesn't want Mack to sell the pictures
  • he is afraid Bob will eat the pictures
  • he thinks his pictures are ugly
  • he doesn't want Ruby to see them

Question 14 of 16

Why do people protest at the mall?

  • they believe Ruby should be free
  • they think the tickets to see Ivan and Ruby are too high
  • they want someone to adopt Bob
  • they think Ivan's pictures are priced too high

Question 15 of 16

What does Ivan use to paint when he is at the zoo?

  • mud
  • sidewalk chalk
  • watercolors
  • berries

Question 16 of 16

How does Bob sneak into the zoo to visit Ivan?

  • in Julia's backpack
  • through a hole in the fence
  • in the ground crew's cart
  • acts like he's a visitor's service dog

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