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The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
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How old was Charlotte when this book took place?

  • 13
  • 20
  • 15
  • 17

Question 2 of 16

What was the name of the ship she traveled on?

  • the Seahawk
  • the Avenging Angel
  • the Mermaid
  • the Dolphin

Question 3 of 16

Where did Charlotte hide the knife that Zachariah gave her?

  • under her mattress
  • in her trunk
  • in her dress
  • in her journal

Question 4 of 16

What did Captain Jaggery ask Charlotte to watch out for?

  • a Round Robin
  • a stowaway
  • land
  • rats

Question 5 of 16

What did Charlotte have to do to join the crew?

  • climb up to the royal yard
  • tie 10 knots in 20 seconds
  • kill the captain
  • jump overboard

Question 6 of 16

Who saved Charlotte from falling during the hurricane?

  • Zachariah
  • Fisk
  • Mr. Keech
  • Mr. Hollybrass

Question 7 of 16

Who was murdered during the hurricane?

  • Mr. Hollybrass
  • Mr. Keech
  • Fisk
  • Zachariah

Question 8 of 16

How did Charlotte explain her short hair to her mother?

  • she had to cut it because of lice
  • she had to cut it because it was always getting tangled by the sea wind
  • she cut it because she heard short hair was the new style in Europe
  • she had to cut it because the sailors would pull it

Question 9 of 16

What does the captin show Charlotte during the first time they have tea together?

  • his gun cabinet
  • his china
  • his watch collection
  • his journal

Question 10 of 16

What was Charlaotte getting for Ewing when she saw the "Round Robin"?

  • a needle
  • some paper
  • a candle
  • some rope

Question 11 of 16

What does Barlow tell Charlotte the blue bird from the Carribean means?

  • a hurricane
  • land
  • a flood
  • a drought

Question 12 of 16

What is Charlotte accused of?

  • killing Mr.Hollybrass
  • steering the ship the wrong way
  • stealing the Captain's stuff
  • taking to much food

Question 13 of 16

Where is the key to the captain's gun cabinet hidden?

  • behide the painting of his daughter
  • in a secret compartment in his drawer
  • under his matress
  • in his pocket

Question 14 of 16

Who is appointed captain after Captain Jaggery dies?

  • Charlotte
  • Fisk
  • Ewing
  • Zachariah

Question 15 of 16

What does Charlotte's father do with her journal after she gets home ?

  • reads it and then burns it
  • reads it aloud to the whole family
  • shares it with the police to investigate the crimes on the ship
  • reads it and then has Charlotte correct all of her spelling mistakes

Question 16 of 16

How did Mr. Cranick lose his arm?

  • Captain Jaggery beat it off
  • a sword fight
  • it got infected and had to be amputated
  • a shark bit it off

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