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Question 1 of 15

Lieutenant Baker says he'll be home by when?

  • In time for strawberries
  • The end of the school year
  • In time for the class camping trip
  • By Mrs. Baker's birthday

Question 2 of 15

Which Olympics did Mrs. Baker participate in?

  • 1956 Melbourne
  • 1948 London
  • 1952 Helsinki
  • 1960 Rome

Question 3 of 15

At the end of the year camping trip, how does Mrs. Sidman scare all the kids?

  • Talking about snakes biting the kids
  • Telling ghost stories
  • Yelling at the kids about losing some of the supplies
  • Talking about bugs in their sleeping bags

Question 4 of 15

According to Holling's father, how does a boy become a man?

  • By having a job/being able to provide
  • By living on your own
  • By choosing for yourself the life you want
  • By having a family

Question 5 of 15

How did Holling show Meryl Lee forgivness after she showed her father the Hoodhood plans for the new Junior High School?

  • Brought her Coke drinks
  • Brought her a rose
  • Took her to a Shakespeare play
  • Brought her cream puffs

Question 6 of 15

Why did Mrs. Baker keep rats in her classroom?

  • Her husband gave them to her
  • Rats were her favorite animal
  • She felt that rats taught the children good caretaking skills
  • The principal asked her to take care of them

Question 7 of 15

Which of the following events do Holling's parents come to?

  • None - Mrs. Baker goes to all of them
  • Hospital visit after saving Heather from getting hit by the bus
  • The Tempest play, where Holling played the part of Ariel
  • The Yankee's opening season game

Question 8 of 15

Which architectural bids did Mr. Hoodhood and Mr. Kowalski not directely compete against each other for?

  • Yankee Stadium
  • Junior High School
  • Baker Sporting Emporium
  • None - they both compete for all these bids

Question 9 of 15

Which Yankee player did Holling and his friends practice baseball with at the school?

  • Joe Pepitone
  • Mickey Mantle
  • Bobby Cox
  • Bill Robinson

Question 10 of 15

What sort of vehicle did Heather leave in when she left home?

  • VW Bug
  • Station Wagon
  • Ford Mustang
  • Public bus

Question 11 of 15

What happened to Lieutenant T. Baker in Vietnam?

  • His helicoptor transport was downed
  • He was injured in action
  • He was deserted
  • No one knew; he was just missing in action.

Question 12 of 15

What made Holling uncomfortable during his state standardized exams?

  • He was too hot
  • He had to go to the bathroom
  • He didn't study enough
  • He broke his pencil

Question 13 of 15

Which Shakespeare play did Holling read first?

  • The Merchant of Venice
  • The Tempest
  • Macbeth
  • King Lear

Question 14 of 15

Who were the original cream puffs made for?

  • The wives of Vietnam Soldiers
  • Mrs. Baker's class
  • The local Jewish congregation
  • The local Catholic congregation

Question 15 of 15

How many items were there on the list of pranks to pull on teachers?

  • 410
  • 407
  • 398
  • 500

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