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The Witch of Blackbird Pond
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Question 1 of 14

What does Prudence lose over the side of the boat that Kit retrieves?

  • Doll
  • Shoe
  • Hair Bow
  • Apple

Question 2 of 14

Which dress does Kit wear to her first time at Meeting?

  • A floral silk
  • A dove-colored damask
  • A calico dress
  • A blue taffeta

Question 3 of 14

What is the name of Captain Eaton's ship?

  • The Dolphin
  • The Britannica
  • The Nautlius
  • The Voyager

Question 4 of 14

Who are Kit's cousins in America?

  • Mercy and Judith
  • Judith and Rachel
  • Mary and Prudence
  • Charity and Mercy

Question 5 of 14

Why did Kit leave Barbados?

  • To escape a marriage proposal
  • To flee a civil war
  • She wanted to see America
  • She was sent away by her grandfather

Question 6 of 14

What is John Holbrook's chosen profession?

  • Clergyman
  • Blacksmith
  • Farmer
  • Tanner

Question 7 of 14

Which suitor does Kit end up with at the end of the book?

  • Nat
  • John
  • William
  • Charles

Question 8 of 14

Where is it implied that WIlliam kisses Kit for the first time?

  • Husking Bee
  • Gardens
  • In her house
  • On a walk in the woods

Question 9 of 14

Who signed the charge of witchcraft against Kit?

  • Goodman Cruff
  • Goodwife Cruff
  • Sam Tallcot
  • The Decon

Question 10 of 14

Who regularly visits Hannah Tupper?

  • All of them
  • Kit
  • Nat
  • Prudence

Question 11 of 14

Who said "The answer is in thy heart. Thee can always hear it if thee listens for it."

  • Hannah
  • Nat
  • Reverend Buckley
  • Matthew

Question 12 of 14

Why did the people of Weathersfield consider Hannah a witch?

  • She practiced a different religion and lived alone
  • She turned into a cat
  • She made potions for them
  • She told them she was a witch

Question 13 of 14

What happens to Nat at the end of the book?

  • He is the captain of a new ship
  • He is thrown in jail for helping Kit and Hannah
  • He stays in Barbados
  • He drowns in a storm on the way back to America

Question 14 of 14

What does Kit do to help prove her worth to her Aunt and Uncle?

  • She teaches Dame School
  • She marries a rich suitor
  • She goes back to Barbados
  • Nothing, she is too proud to do manual labor

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