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The Yellow Wallpaper
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Question 1 of 12

What event at the beginning of July tires out the narrator?

  • The visiting of her family
  • Her never-ending doctor appointments
  • Her travels to Paris
  • Gardening and groundswork needed at the estate

Question 2 of 12

What exactly is the narrator obsessed with and fixated on?

  • Intricate wallpaper inside her bedroom
  • Her failing marriage
  • The couple next door
  • The journal that contains her thoughts

Question 3 of 12

What does the narrator see inside the wallpaper, behind bars?

  • A woman trying to claw her way out
  • A prisoner from centuries past
  • Herself as a young girl
  • An image of her husband

Question 4 of 12

What is the husband's remedy for the narrator's depression?

  • No work or activity
  • Two pills in the morning, one at night
  • Long, nightly walks
  • Seeing a psychiatrist

Question 5 of 12

What hobby does the narrator take up to make herself feel better?

  • Writing in a journal
  • Vigorous exercise
  • Smoking
  • Sewing

Question 6 of 12

What does John, the narrator's husband, say is the reason for buying the estate?

  • For her to get fresh air and healing
  • Because it was so cheap
  • To begin a new life and family together
  • To be closer to his job

Question 7 of 12

The narrator begins to feel better and attributes this to what?

  • Her obsession with the yellow wallpaper
  • Eating better and sleeping more
  • Daily exercise
  • An improved relationship with her husband

Question 8 of 12

How does the narrator describe the wallpaper's smell?

  • It smells like the color yellow
  • It smells horrid and damp
  • It smells of homemade bread
  • It stays specifically inside the room

Question 9 of 12

Towards the end of the story, what does the narrator notice about the wallpaper?

  • The pattern in the wallpaper moves
  • The bars begin to break
  • It begins to change color
  • It begins to make noise

Question 10 of 12

In a frenzy, what does the narrator do in the middle of the night?

  • Tear down the wallpaper
  • Paint over every inch of it
  • Run away from the wallpaper's spell
  • Tear out every page in her journal

Question 11 of 12

At the story's end, what does the narrator believe about herself?

  • That she has literally come out of the wallpaper
  • That she has officially gone insane
  • That she is trapped inside the wallpaper
  • That she is fully healed and well again

Question 12 of 12

Why is the narrator suspicious of the house in the first place?

  • It was cheap and vacant for years
  • She heard noises at night
  • It came with a long history of questionable inhabitants
  • A certain foul smell emanated from its inside

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