Child of Wonder Book
Child of Wonder Book
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Child of Wonder

Written by Marty Haugen and illustrated by Stephen Nesser

Published by GIA Publications

Publisher's Summary

Bestselling composer Marty Haugen's "Child of Wonder," written for the baptism of his godson, celebrates the sacredness of human life and childhood. Now in this wonderful book, artist Stephen Nesser illuminates the lyrics with scenes of childhood rituals from faith traditions and cultures around the world, who play together to form community. These vibrant illustrations are a perfect complement to Marty's inspired poetry. Included with the volume is a link to a free mp3 download of the song, as well as the full notation of "Child of Wonder" for families that wish to sing along.


Topics in Child of Wonder

Where did you originally get the idea for Child of Wonder?

Marty wrote the song as a gift to his Godson's baptism. The song has spread throughout churches as a welcoming song during baptisms. When Marty asked me to illustrate his lyric song he said he wanted it to be about welcoming babies into community.

By Stephen Nesser (illustrator)

Were there any pivotal changes that your story/illustrations underwent throughout the writing/editing process?

Marty's song is an ode to all children, but I wanted to illustrate one child, and so the first child in the book became my main character, who slowly builds up a community of other children to share in play and wonder.

By Stephen Nesser (illustrator)

What guides or references did you use while creating the illustrations for Child of Wonder?

I researched baptism, baby naming and baby welcoming ceremonies from around the world.

By Stephen Nesser (illustrator)

What part of creating Child of Wonder did you most enjoy?

The magic of watching a white sheet of paper turn into a world.

By Stephen Nesser (illustrator)

What would you say is the primary message of Child of Wonder?

I've illustrated the world I want to live in, a world of love, community, and hope that celebrates each child regardless of where they come from or who their parents are.

By Stephen Nesser (illustrator)


  • Age Range: 5-7
  • Pages: 32
  • Book Type: picture
  • Publication Date: September 1, 2018
  • ISBN: 1622772857
  • ISBN 13: 9781622772858
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Marty Haugen

One of the best-known composers of music for worship in the past half-century, Marty Haugen has more than 30 recordings and 400 songs in print.

View Author
Marty Haugen
Stephen Nesser

Stephen Nesser spends his days painting, hang gliding, and reading. His paintings are in museums around the world, includ- ing the Smithsonian Institution.

View Illustrator
Stephen Nesser

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