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Dough Knights and Dragons

Written by Dee Leone and illustrated by George Ermos
Published by Sterling
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Goodreads Rating - 4.1 / 5.0
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“A fractured fairy tale perfect for cooks, problem solvers and anyone who loves a good food fight.”

In an epic fairy tale opening scene, a reader will guess that they have entered an enchanted forest, complete with knights, swords and crystal-clear waterfalls gushing through emerald forests. While we return to what might seem to be another epic snapshot of a classic fairy tale when the books’ point of contention arises —“but in that great kingdom so far to the east, / friendship was outlawed between night and beast”—the rest of the illustrations remind us squarely that we are rather in the delightful land of a fractured fairy tale. At the revelation of the point of tension, both the knight and dragon are shrouded in darkness, featureless and with no connection existing between knight and dragon. Rain streaks down, and for a brief moment one feels a sense dark foreboding. The juxtaposition of this tableau with the colorful scenes of the evolving friendship between our knight and our dragon unfolding on either side of this reveal serve to remind us of the illuminating nature of empathy, and elevate the joy of their successful problem solving. While the genre of fractured fairy tales most often relies on the twist coming from a strengthened female character, Dough Knights and Dragons adds empathy and friendship to the relationship between knight and dragon in a way that is sure to delight everyone, and reminds us that all classic fairy tale characters have room to grow. The boy and the dragon are both “redheads,” serving to emphasize the message that we aren’t so different from those we may think or may have once thought our enemies. If you enter this book thinking it will be a great tale of adventure, you may be disappointed, as the primary action revolves around cooking, but to allow that to lessen your enjoyment would be foolish. Excellent rhyme scheme and word choice combined with fun illustrations make this an excellent read aloud.

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In a mythical kingdom, a knight and a dragon cook up a delicious plan to save their friendship! In Dough Knights and Dragons, a curious knight and an amiable dragon meet serendipitously, and instantly bond over their shared love of baking. But the friends are filled with sadness when, according to the law, the two must duel one another. Can the unlikely pair find a way to evade the law, save their friendship, and spread good throughout the land? Kids will devour this scrumptiously clever tale!

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The Book Snob Mom
Mom, Avid Reader, Austen Fangirl

This book is AMAZING and turns the classic knight/dragon rivalry on its head for a refreshing fractured fairy tale. Cute illustrations, great rhyme scheme and an awesome message about challenging the status quo when it challenges what you believe to be right combine to make this truly excellent.

B is for Bookworm
Human Development Degree, Book-loving aunt

I think this book is so fun! I love that the unlikely pair become friends, use their creativity and problem-solving skills, and most of all, that they stand up for what they think is right! Very cute illustrations, too! :)

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Who Wrote Dough Knights and Dragons

Dee Leone

Thanks for dropping by. I’m excited to announce that Nature’s Lullaby Fills the Night is now available. Night falls and the world sings a lullaby in this beautifully illustrated picture book. From moths fluttering their powdery wings to willows shushing, shushing in the breeze, tender nature scenes sweep across land, sea, and sky to soothe and calm little ones.

Dough Knights & Dragons was also recently released. It’s about a dragon and knight who are secretly friends but who are bound by law to duel in an upcoming tournament. Can the two cook up a plan to obey the edict but still save their friendship?

My own kingdom castle has a moat (drainage ditch), turret (chimney), and numerous knights (chess pieces). I’m married to Sir Runs-a-Lot and our royal line includes two dragon-loving, sword-collecting damsels (not in distress).

I’ve been a Tudor (tutor) of college math and taught many subjects at the elementary level. My published scrolls include 20 reproducible books and more than 100 poems, plays, puzzles, stories, lyrics, and online Disneyland articles.

I use my photos as inspiration for story ideas. Browse my website and discover how words paint pictures and pictures paint words. Enjoy!

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Who Illustrated Dough Knights and Dragons

George Ermos

I graduated from The University Of Lincoln with an illustration degree in 2014. Warm, bold colours, painterly strokes, textures, and repeat patterns are my inspiration whilst simple shapes and tiny details stimulate me as a creative. I’m always trying to incorporate new artiness from the various world cultures i read about/explore. (Bio via

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What Has Dee Leone Said About This Book

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What Has George Ermos Said About This Book

Nothing yet! 🤷 You should let George Ermos know that we want more details from them about Dough Knights and Dragons!

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January 1, 2017