Heidi Heckelbeck and the Magic Puppy Book
Heidi Heckelbeck and the Magic Puppy Book
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Heidi Heckelbeck and the Magic Puppy

Written by Wanda Coven and illustrated by Priscilla Burris

Published by Little Simon

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Publisher's Summary

In the twentieth Heidi Heckelbeck adventure, Heidi gets in some magic puppy trouble!

When Heidi stumbles across a lost puppy at the park, she promises to find the cute critter’s family. Along with Bruce and Lucy, Heidi tries her hardest to solve this mystery. They check the local dog park, visit the vet’s office, and even hang up Found Puppy posters, but they can’t find the owners anywhere. So Heidi decides to use just a teensy-weensy pinch of magic that sets off a mega-gigantic case of magic puppy trouble. Maybe this is why witches only have cats for pets?

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Heidi Heckelbeck chapter books are perfect for beginning readers.

Topics in Heidi Heckelbeck and the Magic Puppy


  • Age Range: 5-9
  • Pages: 128
  • Book Type: chapter
  • Publication Date: June 6, 2017
  • ISBN: 1481495216
  • ISBN 13: 978-1481495219
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Wanda Coven

Wanda Coven has always loved magic. When she was little, she used to make secret potions from smooshed shells and acorns. Then she would pretend to transport herself and her friends to enchanted places. Now she visits other worlds through writing. Wanda lives with her husband and son in San Jose, California. They have three cats: Hilda, Agnes, and Claw-dia.

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Wanda Coven

Priscilla Burris

Priscilla Burris has illustrated numerous books for children, parents, and teachers. She enjoys cake painting and creating art for products that include murals, greeting cards, and rubber stamps. Priscilla lives with her family in Southern California.

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Priscilla Burris

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