Hello Lamb Book
Hello Lamb Book
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Hello Lamb

Written and illustrated by Jane Cabrera

Published by Little Bee Books


Publisher's Summary

Get baby ready to wake up and say hello to all the different animals in this adorable board book! Hello, Sun. Hello, Day. Wake up, babies, Time to play! It's time for baby to wake up! Little ones will love greeting all the baby animals with their animal sounds in this adorable board book, including a chick (Cheep Cheep), a piglet (Oink Oink), a puppy (Woof Woof), a frog (Croak Croak), a calf (Moo Moo), a bunny (Twitch Twitch), a lamb (Baa Baa), a bee (Buzz Buzz), and finally, a baby (Goo Goo)!

Topics in Hello Lamb


  • Age Range: 2-5
  • Pages: 24
  • Book Type: board
  • Publication Date: January 17, 2017
  • ISBN: 149980430X
  • ISBN 13: 9781499804300
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The Book Snob Mom

Mom, Avid Reader, Austen Fangirl

Very simple, but exceedingly well done with unique illustrations and patterns throughout.

author & illustrator

Jane Cabrera

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Jane Cabrera

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