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How to Survive As a Firefly

Written by Kristen Foote and illustrated by Erica Salcedo
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Listen up, larvae! I’ve been in the trenches for the last year and a half, and let me tell you, there is danger lurking behind every tree and headlight. With my expertise, you’ll learn how to hunt your first meal (snail soup anyone?), what makes your abdomen glow (put down the fire extinguisher!), and how to react when your mate wants to eat you for dinner (who knew fireflies could be cannibals?). Buck up, buttercup you’re in for the flight of your life! If you know what s good for you, you’ll stop goofing around and pay attention to How to Survive as a Firefly, or you might never make it to adulthood!

How to Survive as a Firefly provides a unique take on insect science that will entertain and educate in and out of the classroom. Full of opportunities for extended learning, this book includes fun facts hidden throughout the hilarious illustrated story and after, a glossary of important terms and some real firefly photos. If you’ve ever wondered how these fascinating beetles grow and glow and you like to laugh while you learn this book is for you!

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Who Wrote How to Survive As a Firefly

Kristen Foote

With a background in science (I have a degree in Marine Biology, and live in Colorado - can you believe that Colorado has no oceans??!), I have always been fascinated with cool creatures and stranger-than-fiction real life. It wasn’t until I had been writing for kids for a few years that I realized I could combine my love with writing with my interest in science. With one child who loves only non-fiction, and one child that loves only fiction, I decided to combine both of these genres in my “”How to Survive”” series to satisfy both types of learners! I know I learn best when I’m being entertained, and that is what I aim for in my books. Besides for writing, I have an impractical (i.e. expensive) obsession with crafting, which equates to having a super chaotic basement that looks like an overstock warehouse for Hobby Lobby. Why just buy something when you can spend a ton of money and time making it, am I right??

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Who Illustrated How to Survive As a Firefly

Erica Salcedo

Erica Salcedo is the illustrator of Pigs in a Blanket. She lives in Cuenca, Spain.

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What Has Kristen Foote Said About This Book

Nothing yet! 🤷 You should let Kristen Foote know that we want more details from them about How to Survive As a Firefly! Try tweeting at them on twitter (@littlefoote4).

What Has Erica Salcedo Said About This Book

Nothing yet! 🤷 You should let Erica Salcedo know that we want more details from them about How to Survive As a Firefly!

Trivia to Know About This Book

  • Where did you originally get the idea for How to Survive as a Firefly?

    I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and fireflies were a major part of every summer as a child. Upon researching them, I found out just how fascinating of an insect they actually are and was inspired to share that knowledge!

    By Kristen Foote (author)

  • What was the hardest part about creating How to Survive as a Firefly?

    The hardest part about creating this book was to make sure that all of my facts were accurate and up-to-date based on today’s research. A lot of the information put out there (both in books and on the internet) is not factual, so I had to make sure I had several experts vet all of my information and make sure the scenery and characters (although fictional in the story) rang true to actual firefly science. This involved a lot of communication with scientists and my illustrator, and detailed research!

    By Kristen Foote (author)

  • What do you hope children enjoy about your character sergeant firefly teacher?

    The sergeant firefly teacher in this story is so great! He is tough, but really wants the firefly students to pay attention and learn so that they can survive. Like most teachers, he truly cares about all of his students and I hope that my readers get his sense of humor.

    By Kristen Foote (author)

  • What is your favorite thing about How to Survive as a Firefly?

    My favorite thing about this book is that it teaches real science, while entertaining and engaging the reader. There is so much really accurate and interesting insect science packed into this book!

    By Kristen Foote (author)

  • When was your favorite time reading How to Survive as a Firefly aloud? Why?

    My favorite time to read this book out loud is at school visits, because I have an interactive firefly life-cycle presentation to go along with it. It is so fun to see kids get into the storyline and learn some cool facts at the same time!

    By Kristen Foote (author)

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August 29, 2017