How to Survive as a Shark Book
How to Survive as a Shark Book
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How to Survive as a Shark

Written by Kristen Foote and illustrated by Erica Salcedo

Published by The Innovation Press

Publisher's Summary

Ahoy, me mateys! Upset your Mom swam away after you were born? Cry me an ocean. You’ve got ME to show you the ropes! Well, at least until I get a craving for baby shark. Swim along and I’ll teach you how to hunt using all six senses (a whole sense more than a human), why you can NEVER stop moving (blimey, no - not even to sleep!), and what your most dangerous threat is (here’s a hint: those sneaky landlubbers don’t even live in our waters!). Aye, me hearties, learning How to Survive as a Shark is not as easy as it sounds!

How to Survive as a Shark provides a unique take on fish science that will entertain and educate in and out of the classroom. Full of opportunities for extended learning, this book includes fun facts hidden throughout the hilarious illustrated story – and after, a glossary of important terms and some real photos of great white sharks. If you’ve ever wondered how to think and swim like a shark, and you like to laugh while you learn, this book is for you!


Topics in How to Survive as a Shark

Where did you originally get the idea for How to Survive as a Shark?

I have two children - one who loves reading only non-fiction, and one who loves reading only fiction (of course!). With a background in science, I realized I had an opportunity to write something that could appeal to both of them. To be entertained with a fictional story-line while learning a ton of scientific facts is the best of both worlds!

By Kristen Foote (author)

Are there any details of How to Survive as a Shark that you particularly love that readers should watch for?

There are a ton of side-bar facts that older kids can go back through and read, along with two pages of actual pictures of great white sharks and extra information in the back of the book, so there is a lot of great science packed into a relatively short picture book.

By Kristen Foote (author)

Did you have a specific audience in mind when you created How to Survive as a Shark?

This book is intended for all kids and adults who want to learn more about sharks and their life-cycles/habitats, but is specifically useful in classrooms K-5.

By Kristen Foote (author)

What part of creating How to Survive as a Shark did you most enjoy?

I knew a lot about sharks, but learned so many more fascinating details when I did the research. For example, did you know great white sharks (or, white sharks, as scientists refer to them) come from eggs that hatch inside their mother? And that extra eggs are produced for the other sharks to eat before they are born for nutrition? There are so many really cool and interesting facts, all vetted by scientists currently researching sharks, packed inside this book!

By Kristen Foote (author)

What would you say is the primary message of How to Survive as a Shark?

The primary message is that science is really cool, and it can be a ton of fun learning new facts!

By Kristen Foote (author)


  • Age Range: 5-10
  • Pages: 44
  • Book Type: picture
  • Publication Date: September 27, 2017
  • ISBN: 1943147337
  • ISBN 13: 978-1943147335
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Kristen Foote

With a background in science (I have a degree in Marine Biology, and live in Colorado - can you believe that Colorado has no oceans??!), I have always been fascinated with cool creatures and stranger-than-fiction real life. It wasn't until I had been writing for kids for a few years that I realized I could combine my love with writing with my interest in science. With one child who loves only non-fiction, and one child that loves only fiction, I decided to combine both of these genres in my ""How to Survive"" series to satisfy both types of learners! I know I learn best when I'm being entertained, and that is what I aim for in my books. Besides for writing, I have an impractical (i.e. expensive) obsession with crafting, which equates to having a super chaotic basement that looks like an overstock warehouse for Hobby Lobby. Why just buy something when you can spend a ton of money and time making it, am I right??

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Kristen Foote
Erica Salcedo

Coming soon!

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Erica Salcedo

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