Princess Puffybottom . . . and Darryl Book
Princess Puffybottom . . . and Darryl Book
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Princess Puffybottom . . . and Darryl

Written by Susin Nielsen and illustrated by Olivia Chin Mueller

Published by Tundra Books

Publisher's Summary

What's a pampered cat to do now that she has to compete for attention with an ill-mannered puppy? Award-winning author Susin Nielsen delights in this laugh-a-minute twist on the classic sibling rivalry story.

Princess Puffybottom has the perfect life -- her subjects serve her delicious meals, clean up her ""delicate matters"" and wait on her hand and foot. Life is good . . . until Darryl arrives. Princess Puffybottom thinks he's disgusting, horrid and a true animal. Though she tries everything in her power to banish him (including hypnosis, trickery and even sabotage), it looks like this puppy is here to stay. Can Princess P. and Darryl find a way to co-exist? A hilarious picture book from acclaimed author Susin Nielsen, with adorable illustrations by Olivia Chin Mueller, Princess Puffybottom . . . and Darryl is perfect for not only warring siblings, but also anyone who loves cute pets (and some toilet humor).

Topics in Princess Puffybottom . . . and Darryl


  • Age Range: 3-7
  • Pages: 32
  • Book Type: picture
  • Publication Date: February 5, 2019
  • ISBN: 1101919256
  • ISBN 13: 978-1101919255
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Susin Nielsen

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Susin Nielsen
Olivia Chin Mueller

Olivia grew up in the small town of Chester CT, and now lives in Providence, RI. She attended the Rhode Island School of Design and graduated in 2014. Besides illustrating, Olivia loves playing with her cats, raising silk moths, and collecting anything cute! She also enjoys sewing and felting miniature animals! Clients include: Scholastic Press, Tundra Books, Golden Books, Cottage Door Press, Sterling Publishing, Simon & Schuster

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Olivia Chin Mueller

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