Book Series

Babysitting Nightmares Books

In order from The Shadow Hand to The Vampire Doll
The Shadow Hand
The Phantom Hour
The Twilight Curse
The Vampire Doll
The Shadow Hand

Babysitting Nightmares Series

Published from 2018 - 2020
4 books

The Creative Behind the Books

    Kat Shepherd

    Kat Shepherd is thrilled that her writing debut is a fast-paced story that is likely to engage reluctant readers, because as an educator, she believes that reading should be a joyful experience for every child. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two dogs, and a rotating series of foster dogs. Each year she and her husband travel to a different national park for her wedding anniversary, and they have been lucky enough to also visit places like South Africa, Paris, and the Galapagos Islands. Babysitting Nightmares is her first middle grade series.

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