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Lil' Navy Sailor
Lil' Navy Sailor
Lil' Navy Sailor
Lil' Navy Sailor
Lil' Navy Sailor
Lil' Navy Sailor
Lil' Navy Sailor
board • 26 Pages
Lil' Navy Sailor
Book #1

Lil' Navy Sailor

Illustrated by Lisa Engler
2 - 4
Reading age
Page count
Nov 3, 2020
Publication date
Board book


Celebrate real-life heroes in the US Navy with this early board book introduction to the US military branches. The Mini Military series focuses on introducing young readers to the various branches of the US military. Lil’ Navy Sailor highlights what it’s like to be part of this special force, focusing on uniforms, radar tracking devices, and other special items, and introducing toddlers to military vehicles.Perfect for military families, those with veterans in their family, or for anyone looking to educate their youngest readers about our troops, this book and the series is sure to inspire and celebrate our brave service men and women.

Mini Military Series

1 book
board • 26 Pages
Lil' Navy Sailor
Board book
2020Lil' Navy Sailor26

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