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In order from Sophie the Awesome to Say Hello, Sophie
Sophie the Awesome
Use Your Words, Sophie!
Time-Out for Sophie
Say Hello, Sophie
Sophie the Awesome
chapter • 99 Pages
Sophie the Awesome
#1 in Series
Book #1

Sophie the Awesome

Written by Lara Bergen
7 - 9
Reading age
Page count
Words per page
Apr 1, 2010
Publication date


Meet Sophie, a little girl with a big goal: to find the perfect title for herself. Look out — here’s Sophie the Awesome! Sophie Miller’s life is boring. Average. Blah. She’s not the oldest or the youngest, the tallest or the shortest. She’s not even the only Sophie in her third-grade class! Sophie knows she’s special. And she’s come up with the perfect name to show it: Sophie the Awesome! But living up to her new name won’t be easy — especially if super-annoying Toby Myers has anything to say about it. Can Sophie prove her awesomeness . . . and prove everyone wrong?

Sophie Series

Published from 2010 - 2017
4 books
chapter • 99 Pages
Sophie the Awesome
picture • 32 Pages
Use Your Words, Sophie!
board • 26 Pages
Time-Out for Sophie
Board book
picture • 32 Pages
Say Hello, Sophie
20101Sophie the AwesomeLara Bergen99
2015Use Your Words, Sophie!Rosemary Wells32
2015Time-Out for SophieRosemary Wells26
2017Say Hello, SophieRosemary Wells32

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