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Rosemary Wells


Rosemary Wells’s career as an author and illustrator spans more than thirty years and 120 books. She has won numerous awards and has given readers such unforgettable characters as Max and Ruby, Noisy Nora, and Yoko. She lives in Greenwich, Connecticut.

If You Believe in Me
Little Bunny, Big Germs
You Can Do It, Noisy Nora!
Max & Ruby and Twin Trouble
Felix Eats Up
Fiona's Little Lie
Kit & Kaboodle
Max's Half Birthday
Fiona's Little Accident
Max at School

Most Popular Rosemary Wells Books

    picture • 64 Pages
    Emily's First 100 Days of School
    Rosemary Wells
    board • 12 Pages
    Max's Breakfast
    Rosemary Wells
    picture • 108 Pages
    My Very First Mother Goose
    Iona Opie, Rosemary Wells
    board • 12 Pages
    Max's Bedtime
    Rosemary Wells
    picture • 32 Pages
    Bunny Cakes
    Rosemary Wells
    picture • 32 Pages
    Max's Chocolate Chicken
    Rosemary Wells

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All Rosemary Wells Books

2022If You Believe in MeRosemary WellsRosemary Wells28
2022Little Bunny, Big GermsRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
2020You Can Do It, Noisy Nora!Rosemary Wells32
2019Max & Ruby and Twin TroubleRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
2019Felix Eats UpRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
2018Fiona's Little LieRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
2018Kit & KaboodleRosemary WellsRosemary Wells40
2018Max's Half BirthdayRosemary Wells32
2018Fiona's Little AccidentRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
2017Max at SchoolRosemary Wells32
2017Max's BugRosemary Wells32
2017Max's LunchRosemary Wells32
2017Say Hello, SophieRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
2016My Very First Mother GooseIona OpieRosemary Wells108
2016Hand in HandRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
2016Max's Bunny BusinessRosemary Wells32
2016Max and Ruby's Preschool PranksRosemary WellsRosemary Wells40
2015Lincoln and His BoysRosemary WellsP.J. Lynch96
2015Max and Ruby's Bedtime BookRosemary Wells48
2015Time-Out for SophieRosemary WellsRosemary Wells26
2015Felix Stands TallRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
2015Use Your Words, Sophie!Rosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
2014Max & Ruby at the Warthogs’ WeddingRosemary WellsRosemary Wells40
2013Max's ChristmasRosemary Wells32
2012Max and Ruby's Treasure HuntRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
2009Max Counts His ChickensRosemary Wells32
2008Max's ABCRosemary Wells32
2008Yoko Writes Her NameRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
2007Mother Goose's Little TreasuresIona OpieRosemary Wells52
2005Emily's First 100 Days of SchoolRosemary WellsRosemary Wells64
2004Ruby's Beauty ShopRosemary WellsRosemary Wells22
2004Bunny MailRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
2004Max's BirthdayRosemary WellsRosemary Wells12
2004Max's BreakfastRosemary WellsRosemary Wells12
2004Max's ToysRosemary WellsRosemary Wells10
2003Max's ValentineRosemary Wells16
2003Max's New SuitRosemary WellsRosemary Wells12
2003Bunny PartyRosemary Wells32
2003Ruby's Tea for TwoRosemary WellsRosemary Wells12
2003Read to Your BunnyRosemary WellsRosemary Wells12
2003Max's BedtimeRosemary WellsRosemary Wells12
2002Max Cleans UpRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
2001Morris's Disappearing BagRosemary WellsRosemary Wells40
2000Bunny MoneyRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
2000Max's Dragon ShirtRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
2000Max's Chocolate ChickenRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
1999Rachel Field's Hitty, Her First Hundred YearsRosemary WellsSusan Jeffers112
1999Bunny CakesRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
1998YokoRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
1998Max and Ruby in Pandora's BoxRosemary Wells32
1998Max's BreakfastRosemary Wells12
1998The Itsy-Bitsy SpiderRosemary WellsRosemary Wells18
1997McDuff Moves InRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32
1985Hazel's Amazing MotherRosemary WellsRosemary Wells32


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Susan Jeffers
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