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In order from The Boxcar Children to The Boxcar Children Beginning: The Aldens of Fair Meadow Farm
The Boxcar Children
Surprise Island
The Yellow House Mystery
Mystery Ranch
Mike's Mystery

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The Boxcar Children Series

Published from 1929 - 2022
161 books
19291The Boxcar ChildrenGertrude Chandler Warner, L. Kate Deal154
19492Surprise IslandGertrude Chandler WarnerMary Gehr192
19533The Yellow House MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerMary Gehr191
19584Mystery RanchGertrude Chandler WarnerDirk Gringhuis128
19605Mike's MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDirk Gringhuis128
19616Blue Bay MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDirk Gringhuis160
19627The Woodshed MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham160
19638The Lighthouse MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
19649Mountain Top MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
196510Schoolhouse MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
196611Caboose MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
196712Houseboat MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
196813Snowbound MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
196914Tree House MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
197015Bicycle MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
197116Mystery in the SandGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
197317Mystery Behind the WallGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
197418Bus Station MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
197619Benny Uncovers a MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
199120The Haunted Cabin Mystery128
199121The Deserted Library Mystery128
199122The Animal Shelter Mystery128
199123The Old Motel Mystery128
199224The Mystery of the Hidden PaintingGertrude Chandler Warner128
202025The Amusement Park MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
199226The Mystery of the Mixed-Up ZooGertrude Chandler Warner128
199227The Camp-Out MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
199228The Mystery GirlGertrude Chandler Warner128
199229The Mystery CruiseGertrude Chandler Warner128
199230The Disappearing Friend Mystery128
199231The Mystery of the Singing Ghost128
199232The Mystery in the Snow128
199333The Pizza MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
199334The Mystery HorseGertrude Chandler Warner128
199335The Mystery at the Dog Show128
199336The Castle Mystery121
199337The Mystery of the Lost Village128
199438The Mystery of the Purple Pool128
199439The Ghost Ship Mystery128
199440The Canoe Trip Mystery128
199441The Mystery of the Hidden Beach128
199442The Mystery of the Missing Cat128
199443The Mystery on StageGertrude Chandler Warner128
199544The Dinosaur Mystery128
199545The Mystery of the Stolen MusicGertrude Chandler Warner128
199546The Chocolate Sundae MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner120
199547The Mystery of the Hot Air BalloonGertrude Chandler Warner128
199548The Mystery BookstoreGertrude Chandler Warner128
199549The Mystery of the Stolen BoxcarGertrude Chandler Warner128
199550The Mystery in the CaveGertrude Chandler Warner128
199651The Mystery on the TrainGertrude Chandler Warner128
199652The Mystery of the Lost MineGertrude Chandler Warner128
199653The Guide Dog MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
199654The Hurricane Mystery128
199655The Mystery of the Secret MessageGertrude Chandler Warner128
199756The Firehouse MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
199757The Mystery in San FranciscoGertrude Chandler Warner128
199758The Mystery at the AlamoGertrude Chandler Warner128
199759The Outer Space Mystery128
199760The Soccer MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
199761The Growling Bear Mystery128
199862The Mystery of the Lake MonsterGertrude Chandler Warner128
199863The Mystery at Peacock HallGertrude Chandler Warner128
199864The Black Pearl Mystery121
199865The Cereal Box MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner120
199866The Panther MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
199867The Mystery of the Stolen SwordGertrude Chandler Warner128
199968The Basketball Mystery128
199969The Movie Star Mystery119
199970The Mystery of the Pirate's MapGertrude Chandler Warner128
199971The Ghost Town Mystery128
199972The Mystery in the MallGertrude Chandler Warner128
199973The Gymnastics Mystery144
200074The Poison Frog Mystery140
200075The Mystery of the Empty SafeGertrude Chandler Warner128
200076The Great Bicycle Race MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
200077The Mystery of the Wild PoniesGertrude Chandler Warner144
200078The Mystery in the Computer Game128
200079The Mystery at the Crooked House128
200180The Hockey Mystery144
200181The Mystery of the Midnight Dog128
200182The Summer Camp MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
200183The Copycat MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
200184The Haunted Clock Tower MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner144
200185The Disappearing Staircase MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
200286The Mystery on Blizzard MountainGertrude Chandler Warner128
200287The Mystery of the Spider's ClueGertrude Chandler Warner128
200288The Mystery of the Mummy's CurseGertrude Chandler Warner144
200289The Mystery of the Star Ruby128
200290The Stuffed Bear Mystery128
200291The Mystery at Skeleton PointGertrude Chandler Warner120
200392The Tattletale Mystery135
200393The Comic Book Mystery112
200394The Ice Cream MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerGertrude Chandler Warner128
200395The Midnight Mystery128
200396The Mystery in the Fortune Cookie136
200397The Radio MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
200498The Mystery of the Runaway GhostGertrude Chandler Warner144
200499The Finders Keepers Mystery128
2004100The Mystery of the Haunted BoxcarGertrude Chandler Warner122
2004101The Clue in the Corn Maze126
2005102The Ghost of the Chattering Bones128
2005103The Sword of the Silver Knight128
2005104The Game Store Mystery131
2005105The Mystery of the Orphan TrainGertrude Chandler Warner128
2006106The Vanishing Passenger112
2006107The Giant Yo-Yo MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
2006108The Creature in Ogopogo Lake128
2006109The Rock 'n' Roll Mystery128
2007110The Secret of the Mask128
2007111The Seattle Puzzle128
2007112The Ghost in the First Row109
2007113The Box That Watch FoundGertrude Chandler Warner128
2008114The Horse Named Dragon128
2008115The Great Detective RaceGertrude Chandler Warner128
2008116The Ghost at the Drive-In MovieGertrude Chandler Warner128
2008117The Mystery of the Traveling Tomatoes128
2009118The Spy GameGertrude Chandler Warner128
2009119The Dog-Gone Mystery128
2009120The Vampire Mystery128
2009121The Superstar Watch128
2010122The Spy in the BleachersGertrude Chandler Warner128
2010123The Amazing Mystery ShowGertrude Chandler Warner128
2010124The Pumpkin Head Mystery128
2010125The Cupcake CaperGertrude Chandler Warner112
2011126The Clue in the Recycling BinGertrude Chandler Warner120
2011127Monkey Trouble128
2011128The Zombie Project128
2011129The Great Turkey HeistGertrude Chandler WarnerGertrude Chandler Warner144
2012130The Garden ThiefTim Jessell128
2013131The Boardwalk MysteryTim Jessell144
2013132The Mystery of the Fallen TreasureTim Jessell128
2013133The Return of the Graveyard GhostTim Jessell128
2014134The Mystery of the Stolen SnowboardTim Jessell110
2014135The Mystery of the Wild West BanditGertrude Chandler Warner113
2014136The Mystery of the Soccer SnitchGertrude Chandler Warner128
2014137The Mystery of the Grinning GargoyleGertrude Chandler Warner128
2015138The Mystery of the Missing Pop IdolGertrude Chandler Warner128
2015139The Mystery of the Stolen Dinosaur Bones128
2015140The Mystery at the Calgary StampedeGertrude Chandler Warner128
2015141The Sleepy Hollow Mystery128
2016142The Legend of the Irish CastleGertrude Chandler Warner128
2016143The Celebrity Cat Caper128
2016144Hidden in the Haunted School128
2016145The Election Day Dilemma128
2018146The Doughnut WhodunitGertrude Chandler Warner128
2018147The Robot RansomGertrude Chandler WarnerGertrude Chandler Warner128
2018148The Legend of the Howling WerewolfGertrude Chandler Warner128
2018149The Day of the Dead MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
2019150The Hundred-Year MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
2019151The Sea Turtle MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerGertrude Chandler Warner128
2019152Secret on the Thirteenth FloorGertrude Chandler Warner128
2019153The Power Down MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerAnthony VanArsdale128
2020154Mystery at Camp SurvivalAnthony VanArsdale128
2020155The Mystery of the Forgotten FamilyAnthony VanArsdale128
2020156The Skeleton Key MysteryAnthony VanArsdale128
2020157Science Fair SabotageGertrude Chandler WarnerAnthony VanArsdale128
2021158The Great Greenfield Bake-OffAnthony VanArsdale128
2021159The Beekeeper MysteryAnthony VanArsdale128
2022160The Mystery in the Magic ShopGertrude Chandler WarnerAnthony VanArsdale128
2012The Boxcar Children Beginning: The Aldens of Fair Meadow FarmPatricia MacLachlanTim Jessell144

The Boxcar Children Great Adventure Series

Published from 2017 - 2017
5 books

The Boxcar Children Special Mysteries Series

0 books
Golden goose egg! This list is currently empty.

The Boxcar Children Specials Series

Published from 1993 - 2003
21 books

The Boxcar Children Graphic Novel Series

Published from 2009 - 2011
18 books

The Boxcar Children Interactive Mystery Series

Published from 2018 - 2020
3 books

The Boxcar Children: Time to Read Series

Published from 2018 - 2022
12 books

In-universe Books

1 books

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