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Fox Cub Rescue
Fox Cub Rescue
Fox Cub Rescue
Fox Cub Rescue
Fox Cub Rescue
chapter • 128 Pages
Fox Cub Rescue
#1 in Series
Book #1

Fox Cub Rescue

Written by Julie Sykes & illustrated by Katy Riddell
6 - 9
Reading age
Page count
Sep 5, 2023
Publication date


The first story in an illustrated magical adventure series from the bestselling author of the Unicorn Academy, brimming with drama and an environmental theme. The Keepers are a secretive tribe of little people who live in the middle of Whispering Woods, coming out at night to care for the countryside and rewild it when humans (or Ruffins as they know them) are careless with it. Young Keepers Cora and Jax have just finished school and are embarking on a trial, with several friends, to become fully-fledged Keepers. But their first venture out on their own ends in disaster when they become distracted with playing in the Ruffin children’s playground instead of concentrating on the task they’ve been given. Can they ever be trusted to be Keepers in their own right? A brilliant new magical series perfect for 6-8 year olds combining animal rescue, nature conservation and adventure.

Woodland Magic Series

1 book
chapter • 128 Pages
Fox Cub Rescue
20231Fox Cub Rescue128

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