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No Kimchi for Me!
No Kimchi for Me!
No Kimchi for Me!
No Kimchi for Me!
No Kimchi for Me!
No Kimchi for Me!
No Kimchi for Me!
picture • 40 Pages
No Kimchi for Me!
Book #1

No Kimchi for Me!

Written by Aram Kim
3 - 7
Reading age
Page count
Mar 23, 2020
Publication date


Yoomi loves Grandma’s cooking–except for stinky, spicy kimchi, the pickled cabbage condiment served at Korean meals. You can’t eat it because you’re a baby, her brothers tease. And they don’t play with babies. Determined to prove she’s not a baby, Yoomi tries to find a way to make kimchi taste better–but not even ice cream can help. Luckily, Grandma has a good idea, and soon everyone has a new food to enjoy. Celebrating family, food, and growing up, this story about a Korean-American family will appeal to picky eaters and budding foodies alike. Aram Kim’s lively art is filled with expressive characters and meticulous details–and of course, mouth-watering illustrations of traditional Korean dishes and ingredients. Backmatter includes information about kimchi and how it’s made, and best of all, a recipe for Grandma’s kimchi pancakes to try yourself! For more about Yoomi and her family, don’t miss Let’s Go to Taekwondo! by Aram Kim. A Junior Library Guild Selection!

Yoomi, Friends, and Family Series

1 book
picture • 40 Pages
No Kimchi for Me!
2020No Kimchi for Me!40

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