Sloth at the Zoom Book
Sloth at the Zoom Book
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Sloth at the Zoom

Written by Helaine Becker and illustrated by Orbie

Published by Owl Kids Books

Publisher's Summary

One day, a sloth accidentally gets delivered to the Zoom! She was supposed to be dropped off at the Zzzzzoo, a much more laid-back, slow-paced place. She had been looking forward to long, languorous naps while the sun gently warmed her belly. But at the Zoom, the zebras gallop so fast they leave their stripes in puddles. The monkeys climb so fast they forget to stop at the treetops. And the parrots fly so fast their tails draw rainbows across the sky.

When the sloth tries to make friends, nobody has any time—until the sloth meets a creature who’s a little more her speed, and everyone stops to notice. This is a surprising, delightful, and funny picture book about slowing down to enjoy the little things and making time for what matters.

Topics in Sloth at the Zoom


  • Age Range: 5-7
  • Pages: 40
  • Book Type: picture
  • Publication Date: August 15, 2018
  • ISBN: 1771472499
  • ISBN 13: 978-1771472494
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Helaine Becker

Helaine Becker is the author of many books for children and young readers, including A Porcupine in a Pine Tree, Dashing Through the Snow, Worms for Breakfast, and How to Survive Absolutely Anything.

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Helaine Becker

Orbie (Marie-Eve Tessier-Collin) is an illustrator for children’s books, comics, advertising, and more. She live in the Gaspe Peninsula, in Canada. Since 2014, she illustrated 10 books and made 2 childrens. We can see her illustrations in the books "Sloth at the zoom", "Lilou la loutre", "Les aventures de Sven le terrible", "Chloé et moi" as well as "Les vacances". She won first prize from the Quebec's bookseller in kids book category for "The little pig, the bicycle and the moon" in 2015 and second prize in the Hachette Canada comic book 2010 contest for her illustration of the story, “Pas d’pêche!”. Orbie is very active in sharing her passion through school workshops. She loves to illustrate funny expression, her hens and her childs.

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