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Orbie (Marie-Eve Tessier-Collin) is an illustrator for children’s books, comics, advertising, and more.
She live in the Gaspe Peninsula, in Canada. Since 2014, she illustrated 10 books and made 2 childrens. We can see her illustrations in the books "Sloth at the zoom", "Lilou la loutre", "Les aventures de Sven le terrible", "Chloé et moi" as well as "Les vacances". She won first prize from the Quebec's bookseller in kids book category for "The little pig, the bicycle and the moon" in 2015 and second prize in the Hachette Canada comic book 2010 contest for her illustration of the story, “Pas d’pêche!”. Orbie is very active in sharing her passion through school workshops. She loves to illustrate funny expression, her hens and her childs.

Most Recent Book
Les aventures de Sven le terrible book


What do you hope young readers experience from your work?

Laugh a lot ;)

How has reading influenced your life?

It influenced everything ! When others kids were playing outside, i was reading comic books and i always been fascinated by the narration of comic books and the illustrations. I begin very early in my life to draw, and the books i was reading helped me a lot to get my draws better and to develop observation. I wanted to tell story as well :)

Do you have a favorite children’s book?

I have too much favorite children's book, but my favorite artists, right now, are Emma Adbage, Qin Leng, Beatrice Allemagna, Amélie Graux, Claude K. Dubois, Cathon, Jean-Luc Englebert, Isabelle Arsenault and Anne Wilsdorf
I love very much the way to tell story, very simple and funny, of John Klassen

What advice do you have for parents and others who are trying to raise readers?

Let books lying around everywhere, read at least one book per day to your child and let the child manipulate the book when they are baby (you can hide the nicer book hihi)

What do you do when you're in need of some inspiration?

I never feel like i need some inspiration. Maybe it's because, everyday, i look at wonderful books and artist's work on instagram. I never push inspiration, it happens, when it is ripe, simply. It's very important for me to catch it, at that time, even if the inspiration arrive à midnight when i'm asleep (it's her favorite moment to arrive). I often have ideas when I walk, when I drive or when I lie down in bed and my brain does not let me sleep.

How did you come to the realization that you wanted to write/illustrate children's books professionally?

I always wanted !! And if i had to do something else for working, i think ...
i'll be still drawing ;)
And when i'll get retired ...
i'm pretty sure, i'll be still drawing !

Tell us about your process for creating a children's book from start to finish?

When I start working on the illustration of a book, I begin by diving into the universe, the theme of the book. To better immerse myself in it, to better understand it, to draw it in a better way. I gather all the books I have at home on the subject and spend a lot of time looking at them, analyzing them, taking notes, making reference drawings. Same thing for the characters. I also use a lot internet to find models of animals or sets, to help me draw them a first time.
It is a stage where I observe a lot, I draw a lot, until I understand the shapes, the characteristics, the accessories, etc.
Then I hide all the references and I keep the sketches and notes near me.
I start the stage of thumbnails (storyboard / storyboard).
I make small boxes, which correspond to the pages of the books and I work on the composition of each of the images. What I'm going to draw, what I will not draw. The angle I will choose, the point of view, the cutting. If I'm going to draw the scenery or not. If it's a close-up, or an overview, if it's another character's point of view, if there's a foreground, if it's divided into small boxes or if it's is a large double-page, etc.
This is the plan of my book, the most important step.
Once the storyboard is done, I take each image, enlarge it and then I can go to detailed sketches. I try to do less and less detailed sketches however, because I try to keep the beginning line.
It is also at this stage where I draw all the text of the book by hand and that I place it in the book, to foresee the space that it takes, in which places I place my phylacteries (bubbles) and the space that he
Then I go to color tests. What color palette would be best suited to the book, with which medium I will work. I try a lot of mediums, how to do and then I find the one that best fits the story (and the time I have left to make the final illustrations hihi).
I then enlarge my sketch in the format that I want to work on and I will draw my final drawing, with as benchmarks, my sketch below, which I see in transparency, using my light table.
For inking, I like working with a black pencil or pen with ink. For colors these days, I like working with watercolor, with touches of colored pencils on top.
When the final images are finished, I scan them to my computer (a rather long step) and I clean them (a step much too long).
I'm going to make some adjustments, when I made mistakes that I did not correct on paper or colors I like less and then the images are sent for printing :)

picture Books

pirates · adventure · princesses · treasure
Les aventures de Sven le terrible
pigs · coping with failure · travel · animals · farm · transportation
The Little Pig, the Bicycle, and the Moon
french · otter · forest · animals · problem solving · bears · raccoons
On a un Problème Avec Lilou la Loutre
animals · the zoo · humor · friendship
Sloth at the Zoom


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