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Written and illustrated by Celia Krampien
Published by Roaring Brook Press
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What Does Bookroo Think of Sunny

“Dry humor and choosing to look on the sunny side is the order of the day.”

It all begins with a rainy day, which most people might find unfortunate . . . “but not Sunny”. Ever the optimist, Sunny finds the silver lining in a host of situations that seem to spiral one after another as she is picked up into the air, carried out to sea, and lands in a little boat adrift in a terribly stormy sea. While she is momentarily abandoned by her seagull friend she sheds some tears (reminding readers that even optimists aren’t eternally happy), the situation resolves when the seagull returns bringing a posse of disparate birds with him to fly Sunny to school, where she is just a little late. The two-toned yellow and blue color scheme mirrors the juxtaposition between the traditional reaction and Sunny’s reaction to each new development in an effective way that draws attention to Sunny and her attitude as a bright spot—literally and figuratively. While the repetition of “Most people . . . but not Sunny” does begin to feel just that—repetitive—the dry humor (e.g. “But not Sunny, who thought she preferred boating just now to swimming”) and quirky details (e.g. the birds being different rather than just a flock of seagulls) add a factor of randomness that keeps the story interesting.

What's Sunny About

Publisher Summary

Most people would say there is nothing good about trudging to school on a rainy day.

Most people would say that being carried away by the wind and dropped into the middle of a tumultuous sea is a very bad sort of situation.

No, most people wouldn’t like that at all.

But Sunny isn’t most people. Sunny likes to look on the bright side. And when things get exceedingly bleak?

Well, isn’t that what friends are for?

From debut author/artist Celia Krampien comes an unforgettable, transcendent story about the true power of optimism.

What Kind of Book is Sunny

choosing cheeriness

Quotes from Sunny

  • Sunny thought this day was the perfect day to use her big yellow umbrella. And it was.
  • Now, being trapped in a small boat and adrift on a stormy sea is what most people would call an awful, horrible, and terrible kind of situation. But not Sunny, who thought she preferred boating just now to swimming.

What Questions Should I Ask My Child

  • Sunny consistently chooses to find the sunny side of every situation. Can you think of a situation that some might consider negative? Can you find a sunny side?

  • Sunny isn’t always happy, and when her bird friend leaves, she gives herself a moment to cry. Expressing emotions is a healthy thing. What emotions can you think of? Can you think of healthy ways to express them?

  • Sunny is rescued by a flock of different birds. Which birds can you identify? As an adult for help learning about the birds you don’t recognize.

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Who Wrote Sunny

author & illustrator
Celia Krampien

Celia Krampien grew up in a house in the woods in a small town near Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. She studied illustration at Sheridan College and currently lives in St. Catharines, Ontario with her partner, a mischievous cat, and a nosey beagle.

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What Has Celia Krampien Said About Sunny

Nothing yet! 🤷 You should let Celia Krampien know that we want more details from them about Sunny!

Celia Krampien's Book Dedication

Dedicated to my grandmother, Donajean, and my sister, Emily

What Do Critics Say About Sunny

  • Kirkus Reviews

    “Following a “most people would say…but not Sunny” pattern, Krampien creates a story around one character’s ability to find the bright sides of bleak situations.”

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  • Publishers Weekly

    “A whimsical take on the upside of a rainy day—and a sanguine attitude.”

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Which of the following best describe's Sunny's attitude?
  1. grumpy
  2. optimistic
  3. whiney
  4. oblivious
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February 11, 2020