Foxes and Friendship: Board Books For Kids

Foxes are known to by sly, cunning, and sneaky creatures. These characteristics come to light in many of these favorite children’s books about foxes through their adventurous, funny, and witty stories. Maybe don’t trust a fox, but you can definitely trust that these fox stories are going to be a hit at reading time!

Look & See: Friends Are Fun! book
Look & See: Friends Are Fun!
Written and illustrated by Antonella Abbatiello and Emanuela Bussolati
board book
Recommend Ages: 3-5

Come spend the day with fox and his friends! Fox has lots of fun playing hide-and-seek with a chameleon; snuggling in the soft mane of a big, strong lion; lunching with a bunny; watching a butterfly take flight, and meeting bats, elephants, bears, and birds. Two die-cut eyes on the cover go throughout the book, getting smaller and smaller to fit each creature we see.

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