Under Our Clothes Book
Under Our Clothes Book
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Under Our Clothes

Written by Jillian Roberts and illustrated by Jane Heinrichs

Published by Orca Book Publisher

Publisher's Summary

This illustrated nonfiction picture book by child psychologist Dr. Jillian Roberts introduces children to the topics of bodies, body safety and body image through a conversation-based story that begins with an observation at the community pool. Modesty, privacy and boundaries are discussed, along with how self-image is formed and how some people are more sensitive than others--sometimes at different stages in their lives. Relevant themes around body shaming, body positivity and self-esteem building are explored, with a final call to action empowering children to build their own confidence and speak up when something doesn't feel right. The World Around Us series introduces children to complex cultural, social and environmental issues that they may encounter outside the comfort of their homes, in a way that is straightforward and accessible. Sidebars offer further reading for older children who have bigger questions or care providers looking for more information. For younger children, the simple question-and-answer format of the main text will provide a foundation of knowledge on the subject matter. This is the newest title in The World Around Us series, following books that address poverty, tragedy, prejudice and online awarenessand environemental stewardship.

Topics in Under Our Clothes


  • Age Range: 6-8
  • Pages: 32
  • Book Type: picture
  • Publication Date: September 17, 2019
  • ISBN: 1459820975
  • ISBN 13: 9781459820975
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Jillian Roberts

Dr. Jillian Roberts is a renowned child psychologist, author, professor and parent. Considered a go-to expert for journalists, her work has appeared in the New York Times and Toronto Sun, and she is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and Global News. Her bestselling series of children’s books, the Just Enough series, was released in 2016 to international acclaim. In early 2017 Dr. Roberts co-founded FamilySparks to offer families a supportive, resource-rich community to help them navigate our increasingly complicated world. For more information, visit

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Jillian Roberts
Jane Heinrichs

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Jane Heinrichs

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