Wally Does Not Want a Haircut Book
Wally Does Not Want a Haircut Book
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Wally Does Not Want a Haircut

Written and illustrated by Amanda Driscoll

Published by Alfred A. Knopf


Publisher's Summary

Wally the sheep does not want to get the haircut he really needs, even after all the other farm animals get new hairdos, but when his shaggy wool gets him in trouble, he has no choice but to ask for a trim.


Topics in Wally Does Not Want a Haircut

Where did you get the idea for Wally Does Not Want a Haircut?

Basically, Wally is my son in sheep form. He was afraid of getting his hair cut, and went to great lengths to avoid it (quite literally). I wanted to show kids that haircuts don’t hurt, and hopefully lessen haircut anxiety and drama for parents.

What do you hope children enjoy about your character Wally?

I hope kids see Wally overcome his fears, and know they can overcome theirs as well. And I hope the story makes them laugh. A lot.


  • Age Range: 3-7
  • Pages: 32
  • Book Type: picture
  • Publication Date: July 26, 2016
  • ISBN: 055353579X
  • ISBN 13: 978-0553535792
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The Book Snob Mom

Mom, Avid Reader, Austen Fangirl

This is a great little book about overcoming your fears! I personally loved all the punny language (although it may be over the youngest readers heads!), complete with onomatopoeia, alliteration and terrific vocabulary! The silly illustrations make this a totally fun and humorous read!


B is for Bookworm

Human Development Degree, Book-loving aunt

Wally is so fun! I love the extremes he takes in order to not have to get his hair cut. The overarching message of love for his mom is also such a sweet touch!


Mom of Boys

Three little boys who love books about dragons, whangdoodles and magic.

author & illustrator

Amanda Driscoll

Amanda is an author and illustrator based in Prospect, Kentucky. As she explains, like “any good Kentucky-born girl,” she “grew up drawing horses.” After earning a degree in Fine Art / Graphic Design from Murray State University, she worked as a graphic designer before launching her own company, Driscoll Creative. When she became a mother, she discovered her true passion: writing and illustrating children’s books. She is now the author and illustrator of three picture books.

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Amanda Driscoll

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