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Aurora Cacciapuoti

I am Aurora, an Italian author and illustrator. I was born in Carbonia, a small town in Sardinia.

I love to travel, in fact I lived in many different cities such as Milan, Bologna and Edinburgh where I studied psychology, art psychotherapy and theatre.

I also lived and worked in Cambridge (UK) where I graduate from the MA programme in Children’s book illustration at the Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University.

I work from my studio, where I use a combination of hand drawn and digital techniques to create my illustrations. When I am not drawing I love to cook, study Japanese and ride my red bike.

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Baking with Dad book

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Chiedimi Scusa  book
Chiedimi Scusa

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Baking with Dad book
Baking with Dad
Does the Queen Wear Her Crown to Bed? book
Does the Queen Wear Her Crown to Bed?


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