Brett Bean

Brett Bean has created art for TV, film, games, and books, for clients such as Nickelodeon, Disney TV, Leapfrog, and Nerd Corps.

Most Recent Book
The Unicorn Emergency book

"About" from Penguin Random House website.

chapter Books

heroes · mythology · unicorns · superpowers · volcanoes · rescue
The Unicorn Emergency
mythology · heroes · superpowers · snow · rescue
Gods of the North
heroes · mythology · superpowers · birds
Zeus's Eagle
superpowers · doctor · mythology · rescue
Centaur School
rescue · superpowers · adventure · mythology
Beast Keeper
competition · mythology · horses · superpowers
Steeds of the Gods
superpowers · doctor · heroes · dragons · mythology
Dragon Healer
mythology · superpowers · dogs
Hound of Hades


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