Lucy Coats

Lucy Coats studied English and Ancient History at Edinburgh University, then worked in children’s publishing and now writes full-time. She is a gifted children’s poet and has also written several picture book texts. She is widely respected for her lively retellings of myths. Her 12-book series, Greek Beasts and Heroes, was published by Orion in the U.K. Beasts of Olympus is her first series published in the U.S.

Most Recent Book
The Unicorn Emergency book

"About" from Penguin Random House website.

chapter Books

The Unicorn Emergency book
The Unicorn Emergency
Gods of the North book
Gods of the North
Zeus's Eagle book
Zeus's Eagle
Centaur School book
Centaur School
Beast Keeper book
Beast Keeper
Steeds of the Gods book
Steeds of the Gods
Dragon Healer book
Dragon Healer
Hound of Hades book
Hound of Hades


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