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Carolyn Keene


Carolyn Keene is the author of the ever-popular Nancy Drew books.

Captain Stone's Revenge
Recipe Ruckus
The Blue Lady of Coffin Hall
Duck Derby Debacle
A Capitol Crime
The Great Goat Gaffe
Danger at the Iron Dragon
The Big Island Burglary

Most Popular Carolyn Keene Books

    chapter • 96 Pages
    Sleepover Sleuths
    #1 in Series
    Carolyn Keene, Macky Pamintuan
    chapter • 96 Pages
    Pony Problems
    #3 in Series
    Carolyn Keene, Macky Pamintuan
    chapter • 89 Pages
    Scream for Ice Cream
    #2 in Series
    Carolyn Keene, Macky Pamintuan
    chapter • 192 Pages
    The Sign of the Twisted Candles
    #9 in Series
    Carolyn Keene
    chapter • 192 Pages
    Nancy Drew 04: The Mystery at Lilac Inn
    Carolyn Keene
    chapter • 96 Pages
    The Fashion Disaster
    #6 in Series
    Carolyn Keene, Macky Pamintuan

Book Stats


All Carolyn Keene Books

2023Captain Stone's Revenge208
2022Recipe RuckusPeter Francis112
2022The Blue Lady of Coffin Hall224
2021Duck Derby DebaclePeter Francis112
2021A Capitol Crime208
2021The Great Goat GaffePeter Francis112
2021Danger at the Iron Dragon224
2020The Big Island BurglaryPeter Francis112
2020The Vanishing Statue240
2020Puppy Love PrankPeter Francis112
2020Hidden Pictures192
2019The Stolen Show192
2019Turkey Trot PlotPeter Francis112
2019The Tortoise and the ScarePeter Francis96
2019Famous Mistakes176
2018A Nancy Drew Christmas352
2018Boo CrewPeter Francis112
2018Springtime CrimePeter Francis112
2018The Haunting on Heliotrope Lane176
2017World Record MysteryPeter Francis96
2017The Professor and the Puzzle192
2017Candy Kingdom ChaosPeter Francis96
2017Riverboat Roulette176
2016Pets on ParadePeter Francis96
2016The Ghost of Grey Fox Inn192
2016Movie MadnessPeter Francis96
2016Sign in the Smoke272
2016Big Top FlopPeter Francis96
2015The Red Slippers192
2015A Star WitnessPeter Francis96
2015The Secret of Red Gate Farm192
2015Nancy's Mysterious Letter192
2015The Clue in the Diary192
2015The Secret of Shadow Ranch192
2015A Script for Danger192
2015Last Lemonade StandingPeter Francis96
2015Pool Party PuzzlerPeter Francis96
2015The Clue at Black Creek Farm192
2015Butterfly BluesPeter Francis96
2015The Magician's Secret176
2014Museum MayhemPeter Francis96
2014The Phantom of Nantucket192
2014A Musical MessMacky Pamintuan96
2014Secret at Mystic Lake160
2014The Mystery at Lilac Inn180
2014The Bungalow Mystery180
2014The Secret of the Old Clock180
2014The Hidden Staircase182
2014The Flower Show FiascoMacky Pamintuan96
2014Sabotage at Willow Woods176
2013The Secret of the ScarecrowMacky Pamintuan96
2013Once Upon a Thriller144
2013Cooking Camp DisasterMacky Pamintuan96
2013Mystery of the Midnight Rider208
2013Cupcake ChaosMacky Pamintuan96
2013Strangers on a Train208
2013Curse of the Arctic Star208
2012The Pumpkin Patch PuzzleMacky Pamintuan112
2012Cape Mermaid MysteryMacky Pamintuan96
2012The Make-A-Pet MysteryMacky Pamintuan96
2011Dance OffMacky Pamintuan96
2011Designed for DisasterMacky Pamintuan96
2011Time ThiefMacky Pamintuan96
2010Cat Burglar CaperMacky Pamintuan96
2010Secret Sabotage137
2010Camp CreepyMacky Pamintuan96
2010Buggy BreakoutMacky Pamintuan96
2009Princess Mix-Up MysteryMacky Pamintuan96
2009Babysitting BanditMacky Pamintuan96
2009Unicorn UproarMacky Pamintuan96
2009Double TakeMacky Pamintuan112
2009Treasure TroubleMacky Pamintuan112
2009April Fool's DayMacky Pamintuan96
2009Identity Theft176
2009Earth Day EscapadeMacky Pamintuan96
2008Wedding Day DisasterMacky Pamintuan96
2008Thanksgiving ThiefMacky Pamintuan96
2008Mall MadnessMacky Pamintuan96
2008The Zoo CrewMacky Pamintuan96
2008Chick-Napped!Macky Pamintuan96
2007Valentine's Day SecretMacky Pamintuan85
2007Ski School SneakMacky Pamintuan96
2007Ticket TroubleMacky Pamintuan96
2007Halloween HoaxMacky Pamintuan96
2007Lights, Camera . . . Cats!Macky Pamintuan96
2007The Circus ScareMacky Pamintuan96
2007The Fashion DisasterMacky Pamintuan96
2006The Case of the Sneaky SnowmanMacky Pamintuan96
2006The Cinderella Ballet MysteryMacky Pamintuan96
2006Pony ProblemsMacky Pamintuan96
2006Scream for Ice CreamMacky Pamintuan89
2006Sleepover SleuthsMacky Pamintuan96
2005The Kitten Caper80
2005The Apple Bandit80
2005The Singing Suspects80
2005Zoo Clue74
2005The Kachina Doll Mystery187
2005Captive Witness186
2005The Greek Symbol Mystery171
2005The Triple Hoax182
2005The Secret in the Old Lace167
2005The Flying Saucer Mystery167
2005The Swami's Ring192
2005The Twin Dilemma190
2005Strike-Out Scare70
2005The Bunny-Hop Hoax70
2004The Snowman Surprise80
2004The Secret in the Spooky Woods75
2004The Lighthouse Mystery76
2004The Bike Race Mystery76
2004False Notes150
2004High Risk146
2004Without a Trace150
2004The Dollhouse Mystery68
2003The Carousel Mystery75
2003The Day Camp Disaster71
2003The Stinky Cheese Surprise70
2003Recipe for Trouble80
2003Big Worry in Wonderland69
2002The Old-Fashioned Mystery76
2002The Scarytales Sleepover69
2002The Sand Castle Mystery80
2002The Crazy Carnival CaseCarolyn Keene70
2002The Crook Who Took the Book74
2002The Snow Queen's Surprise80
2001The Dashing Dog Mystery73
2001The Purple Fingerprint72
2001The Walkie-Talkie Mystery70
2001Circus Act70
2001Flower Power74
2001Dinosaur Alert!70
2000Candy Is Dandy80
2000Dude Ranch Detective71
2000Make-Believe Mystery76
2000Third-Grade Reporter75
2000Trash or Treasure?74
1999The Gumdrop Ghost73
1999The Black Velvet Mystery80
1999The Fine-Feathered Mystery71
1999It's No Joke!70
1999Lights! Camera! Clues!74
1998Thrill on the Hill68
1998Trouble Takes the Cake73
1998The Lucky Horseshoes70
1998Dare at the Fair80
1998The Hidden Treasures80
1998Alien in the Classroom80
1998The Clue in the Glue80
1997Princess on Parade80
1997Hannah's Secret73
1997The Lemonade Raid80
1997The Stolen Unicorn80
1997Whose Pet is Best?186
1997The Ski Slope Mystery80
1996The Crazy Key Clue80
1996Funny Face Fight80
1996The Wedding Gift Goof80
1996The Puppy Problem80
1996Not Nice on Ice80
1995The Thanksgiving Surprise10
1995The Best Detective80
1995Trouble at Camp Treehouse80
1995The Ice Cream Scoop80
1995The Soccer Shoe Clue80
1995Bad Day for Ballet80
1994The Secret Santa80
1994The Slumber Party Secret80
1994The Lost Locket80
1983The Silver Cobweb204
1983Broken Anchor189
1983The Haunted Carousel190
1982The Sinister Omen205
1982Elusive Heiress206
1982Mystery of the Winged Lion206
1982Clue in the Ancient Disguise206
1982Race Against Time206
1979The Thirteenth Pearl192
1978Mystery of Crocodile Island180
1977The Strange Message in the Parchment180
1975The Sky Phantom180
1975The Secret of the Forgotten City180
1974The Mystery of the Fire Dragon182
1974Mystery of the Glowing Eye192
1973The Double Jinx Mystery192
1972The Secret of Mirror Bay178
1970The Mysterious Mannequin178
1967The Spider Sapphire Mystery176
1967The Clue in the Crossword Cipher192
1964The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes192
1962The Moonstone Castle Mystery178
1962The Clue of the Dancing Puppet177
1960The Sign of the Twisted Candles192
1960The Mystery of the Ivory Charm192
1960The Clue Of The Broken Locket178
1960The Message in the Hollow Oak192
1960The Whispering Statue192
1960Password to Larkspur Lane192
1960The Clue of the Leaning Chimney176
1960The Clue in the Old Stagecoach192
1960The Quest of the Missing Map178
1960The Haunted Bridge192
1960The Scarlet Slipper Mystery192
1960The Clue of the Velvet Mask192
1960The Clue in the Old Album192
1960The Clue of the Tapping Heels176
1960The Ghost of Blackwood Hall178
1960The Hidden Window Mystery192
1960Mystery at the Ski Jump192
1960The Clue of the Black Keys192
1960The Witch Tree Symbol192
1960The Secret in the Old Attic192
1960The Ringmaster's Secret178
1960Mystery of the Brass-Bound Trunk192
1950The Secret of the Wooden Lady192
1946Mystery of the Tolling Bell192
1945The Clue in the Crumbling Wall181
1943The Clue in the Jewel Box192
1941Mystery of the Moss-Covered Mansion192
1930Nancy Drew 04: The Mystery at Lilac Inn192


Macky Pamintuan
Peter Francis


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