Catherine Barr

Catherine Barr is an ecologist who has been a journalist and editor, and worked for Greenpeace. She writes nonfi cti on that sparks questi ons and conversati ons. Her book The Story of Life: A First Book on Evoluti on (Frances Lincoln) was shortlisted for the English Associati on Picture Book Award and long listed for the School Library Associati on Informati on Book Awards. She lives in Wales.

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10 Reasons to Love... a Lion book

"About" taken from the Charlesbridge summer 2018 catalog.

picture Books

lions · animals · animal sounds · nature
10 Reasons to Love... a Lion
animals · nature · penguins
10 Reasons to Love... a Penguin
activism · the world · nature · animals
Red Alert
nature · the ocean · animals · fish · whales
10 Reasons to Love... a Whale
nature · bears · animals
10 Reasons to Love... a Bear


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