Hanako Clulow

Hanako Clulow left Japan in 1997 for Ireland, where she studied visual arts and English. She then headed to England to explore her passion for child psychology, obtaining a BSc in psychology from the University of London in 2007. While she was deeply fascinated by child psychology, her passion for the arts re-emerged, which led her to pursue life as an illustrator. Her work draws upon a broad range of interests such as nature, the animal kingdom, psychology, fantasy and her native culture.

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10 Reasons to Love... a Lion book

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lions · animals · animal sounds · nature
10 Reasons to Love... a Lion
animals · nature · penguins
10 Reasons to Love... a Penguin
nature · the ocean · animals · fish · whales
10 Reasons to Love... a Whale
nature · bears · animals
10 Reasons to Love... a Bear


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