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Some children know what they want to be when they grow up. Not Deborah Bruss. Her passion for writing did not develop until after she had read thousands of pages out loud to her two boys. Once she discovered a love of writing for children, her career took off. She has written humorous, educational pieces for a newspaper on subjects ranging from a porcupine bent on revenge and some seasick children on a whale watch, an award winning picture book, and a board book too. For six years she also worked as a librarian at a small public elementary school, and is also collaborating on an historical fiction middle grade novel. In 1999, Deborah, her husband and two sons adopted two girls. All of her children have grown up. She now lives in Concord, NH, with her husband and rescued-dog.

Good Morning, Snowplow!
Don't Ask a Dinosaur
Book! Book! Book!
Good Morning, Snowplow!
Don't Ask a Dinosaur
Book! Book! Book!

Books by Deborah Bruss

    Good Morning, Snowplow!
    Deborah Bruss, Steve Johnson, Lou Fancher
    Book! Book! Book!
    Deborah Bruss, Tiphanie Beeke
    Don't Ask a Dinosaur
    Matt Forrest Esenwine, Deborah Bruss, Louie Chin

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Steve Johnson
Lou Fancher
Tiphanie Beeke
Matt Forrest Esenwine
Louie Chin


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