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Graduate of the ‘Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg’ in 1995, she is a French children’s books illustrator (and sometimes author). She has published about forty books (Nathan, Actes Sud, Rouergue, Helium, Milan, etc) in France, and in the US and UK (Random House, Penguin Books, Walker books, Candlewick)… Her books published in the US, as illustrator, include “The Snoops”, “Scritch Scratch”(author: Miriam Moss), “Beetle Boy” , “Peter Claus & the naughty list” (author: Lawrence David), “The house that Jill built” (author: Phyllis Root), etc… and have been translated in many countries. Some of her books published in France as author-illustrator have been translated into English: “My House” (WingedChariot-UK), “Bob & Co” (Tate publishing-UK), “The Flops” (Enchanted Lion Books-US). As an illustrator, her book “Big Rabbit’s bad mood” (author: Ramona Badescu) was translated in the US by Chronicle Books. She works for the press and advertising as well, and is the illustrator of the series “Mlle Zazie” (Edition Nathan) which has been adapted into an animated TV series (78 episodes). She is also the designer of the soft toys range “Les Schmouks” edited by Moulin Roty. She lives in Marseille.

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