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Amy Krouse Rosenthal is a person who likes to make things. Some things she likes to make: Children’s books. Grown-up books. Short films. Salads. Connections with the universe. Something out of nothing. Wishes. According to The New York Times, Amy’s award-winning children’s books “radiate fun the way tulips radiate spring: they are elegant and spirit-lifting.” Her 30+ books for children include Little Pea, Uni the Unicorn, I Wish You More, Exclamation Mark, Spoon, Chopsticks, Duck! Rabbit!, Yes Day, The OK Book, The Wonder Book, Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons, Plant a Kiss, and Wumbers. As for her adult work, Amazon named Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life one of the top 10 memoirs of the decade. A guided journal based on this book was recently released, titled Encyclopedia of Me: My Life from A-Z. Some of her other bestselling guided journals include The Belly Book, The Bride-to-be-Book, My Birthday Book and The Big Sibling Book. (Bio via

Uni Joins the Team
Let's Clean Up the Forest!
Tooth Fairy Helper
Reindeer Helper
How to Say Thank You
Uni's Wish for Wings
The Haunted Pumpkin Patch
Uni and the Butterfly
Uni the Unicorn in the Real World

Most Popular Amy Krouse Rosenthal Books

    picture • 40 Pages
    I Wish You More
    Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Tom Lichtenheld
    picture • 40 Pages
    Dear Girl,: A Celebration of Wonderful, Smart, Beautiful You!
    Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Paris Rosenthal, Holly Hatam
    picture • 40 Pages
    Duck! Rabbit!
    Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Tom Lichtenheld
    picture • 32 Pages
    Uni's First Sleepover
    Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Brigette Barrager
    picture • 40 Pages
    Little Miss, Big Sis
    Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Peter H. Reynolds
    picture • 48 Pages
    Uni the Unicorn
    Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Brigette Barrager

Book Stats


All Amy Krouse Rosenthal Books

2023Uni Joins the TeamAmy Krouse RosenthalBrigette Barrager32
2023Let's Clean Up the Forest!Amy Krouse RosenthalBrigette Barrager32
2023Tooth Fairy HelperAmy Krouse RosenthalBrigette Barrager32
2022Reindeer HelperAmy Krouse RosenthalBrigette Barrager32
2022How to Say Thank YouAmy Krouse RosenthalBrigette Barrager24
2022Uni's Wish for WingsAmy Krouse RosenthalBrigette Barrager32
2022The Haunted Pumpkin PatchAmy Krouse RosenthalBrigette Barrager24
2022Uni and the ButterflyAmy Krouse RosenthalBrigette Barrager32
2021Uni the Unicorn in the Real WorldParis Rosenthal, Amy Krouse RosenthalBrigette Barrager42
2021Uni Paints a RainbowAmy Krouse RosenthalBrigette Barrager24
2021Uni Brings SpringAmy Krouse RosenthalLissy Marlin32
2020Moo-Moo, I Love You!Tom Lichtenheld, Amy Krouse Rosenthal48
2020Uni Bakes a CakeAmy Krouse RosenthalBrigette Barrager32
2020Choo-Choo School: All Aboard for the First Day of SchoolAmy Krouse RosenthalMike Yamada40
2020Uni Goes to SchoolAmy Krouse RosenthalBrigette Barrager32
2020StrawAmy Krouse RosenthalScott Magoon48
2019A Valentine for Uni the UnicornAmy Krouse Rosenthal24
2019Uni's First SleepoverAmy Krouse RosenthalBrigette Barrager32
2018Don’t Blink!Amy Krouse RosenthalDavid Roberts40
2017Dear Girl,: A Celebration of Wonderful, Smart, Beautiful You!Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Paris RosenthalHolly Hatam40
2017Uni the Unicorn and the Dream Come TrueAmy Krouse RosenthalBrigette Barrager40
2017Little OinkAmy Krouse RosenthalJen Corace24
2016Bite-Size Life LessonsAmy Krouse RosenthalJane Dyer36
2016Little HootAmy Krouse RosenthalJen Corace28
2016That's Me Loving YouAmy Krouse RosenthalTeagan White40
2015Plant a KissAmy Krouse RosenthalPeter H. Reynolds36
2015FriendshapeAmy Krouse RosenthalTom Lichtenheld40
2015Little Miss, Big SisAmy Krouse RosenthalPeter H. Reynolds40
2015I Wish You MoreAmy Krouse RosenthalTom Lichtenheld40
2015Little PeaAmy Krouse RosenthalJen Corace32
2014Uni the UnicornAmy Krouse RosenthalBrigette Barrager48
2013I Scream! Ice Cream!Amy Krouse RosenthalSerge Bloch32
2013Exclamation MarkAmy Krouse RosenthalTom Lichtenheld52
2012ChopsticksAmy Krouse RosenthalScott Magoon40
2011Al Pha's BetAmy Krouse RosenthalDelphine Durand32
2010One Smart Cookie: Bite-Size Lessons for the School Years and BeyondAmy Krouse RosenthalJane DyerBrooke Dyer40
2009Sugar Cookies: Sweet Little Lessons on LoveAmy Krouse RosenthalJane DyerBrooke Dyer40
2009Yes Day!Amy Krouse RosenthalTom Lichtenheld40
2009SpoonAmy Krouse RosenthalScott Magoon40
2009Duck! Rabbit!Amy Krouse RosenthalTom Lichtenheld40
2008Christmas Cookies: Bite-Size Holiday LessonsAmy Krouse RosenthalJane Dyer40


Tom Lichtenheld
Paris Rosenthal
Holly Hatam
Brigette Barrager
Peter H. Reynolds
Scott Magoon
Jane Dyer
Lissy Marlin
Mike Yamada
Teagan White
Jen Corace
Brooke Dyer
David Roberts
Delphine Durand
Serge Bloch


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