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Émilie Pépin is a passionate illustrator whose love for picture books led her to become an illustrator and designer. After completing her studies at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal, Émilie worked for many years in the children’s video games industry as a 2-D artist and art director before becoming a freelancer. She lives in the green region of the Laurentians in Québec.

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competition · diversity · friendship · music
The Major Eights 1: Battle of the Bands
music · being famous · self-discovery · friendship · resolving conflict
The Major Eights 2: Scarlet's Big Break
basketball · hard work · competition
The Major Eights 4: Starstruck
music · friendship · resolving conflict · jealousy
The Major Eights 5: The New Bandmate

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valentines · detectives · sleuthing · love
The Major Eights 6: The Secret Valentine

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science · friendship · hard work · music
The Major Eights 3: The Goo Disaster!