Melody Reed

Melody Reed is a chapter book, middle grade, and YA author. She loves creating strong female characters and writing about outer space and Mars. She lives in Silicon Valley with her family.

Most Recent Book
The Major Eights 6: The Secret Valentine book

"About" from the Simon and Schuster Summer 2018 Distributed Publishers Catalog

chapter Books

valentines · mystery · detectives · sleuthing · love
The Major Eights 6: The Secret Valentine
music · friendship · resolving conflict · jealousy
The Major Eights 5: The New Bandmate
basketball · hard work · competition
The Major Eights 4: Starstruck
science · friendship · hard work · music
The Major Eights 3: The Goo Disaster!
music · being famous · self-discovery · friendship · resolving conflict
The Major Eights 2: Scarlet's Big Break
competition · diversity · friendship · music
The Major Eights 1: Battle of the Bands


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