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Fran Manushkin


Fran Manushkin is the author of many popular picture books, including How Mama Brought the Spring; Baby, Come Out!; Latkes and Applesauce: A Hanukkah Story; and The Tushy Book. There is a real Katie Woo – she’s Fran’s great-niece – but she never gets in half the trouble of the Katie Woo in the books. Fran writes on her beloved MacBook in New York City.

Katie Woo's Neighborhood
Flower Girl Katie
The Big Stink
On Top of the World
Daddy Can't Dance

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All Fran Manushkin Books

2019Katie Woo's NeighborhoodLaura Zarrin96
2019Flower Girl KatieTammy Lyon32
2018The Big StinkTammy Lyon32
2018On Top of the WorldTammy Lyon32
2018Daddy Can't DanceTammy Lyon32
2018Pedro's MonsterTammy Lyon32
2018Pedro's Big BreakTammy Lyon32
2018Katie Blows Her TopTammy Lyon32
2017Bamboo for Me, Bamboo for You!Purificacion Hernandez32
2017Pedro's Tricky TowerTammy Lyon32
2017Pedro the NinjaTammy Lyon32
2017Pirate PedroTammy Lyon32
2017Pedro and the SharkTammy Lyon32
2016The Best ClubTammy Lyon32
2016Pedro for PresidentTammy Lyon32
2016Pedro's Mystery ClubTammy Lyon32
2016Pedro's Big GoalTammy Lyon32
2016Katie's Spooky SleepoverTammy Lyon32
2016Big Boy UnderpantsValeria Petrone24
2016Pedro Goes BuggyTammy Lyon32
2015Happy in Our SkinLauren Tobia32
2015Katie Woo, Super ScoutTammy Lyon32
2015Katie's Happy Mother's DayTammy Lyon32
2015Katie's Noisy MusicTammy Lyon32
2015Cartwheel KatieTammy Lyon32
2014Katie and the Fancy SubstituteTammy Lyon32
2014Fly High, Katie!Tammy Lyon24
2014Keep Dancing, KatieFran ManushkinTammy Lyon32
2013Moo, Katie Woo!Tammy Lyon32
2013Who Needs Glasses?Tammy Lyon32
2013Piggy Bank ProblemsTammy Lyon32
2013Katie Saves the EarthTammy Lyon32
2012Big Girl PantiesValeria Petrone24
2012Big Brothers Are the BestKirsten Richards24
2012Big Sisters Are the BestKirsten Richards24
2011Katie Woo Where Are You?Tammy Lyon25
2011Katie and the Class PetFran ManushkinTammy Lyon25
2011Katie's New ShoesTammy Lyon32
2011Katie Woo Has the FluTammy Lyon32
2011Katie Finds a JobTammy Lyon25
2011Star of the ShowTammy Lyon25
2011The Tricky Tooth (Katie Woo)Tammy Lyon24
2011Katie's Lucky BirthdayTammy Lyon25
2010Red, White, and Blue and Katie Woo!Tammy Lyon32
2010Boo, Katie Woo!Tammy Lyon32
2010Katie Saves ThanksgivingTammy Lyon32
2010No Valentines for Katie (Katie Woo)Tammy Lyon32
2010Goodbye to GoldieTammy Lyon24
2010Boss of the WorldTammy Lyon24
2010A Nervous NightTammy Lyon24
2010Make-Believe ClassFran ManushkinTammy Lyon24
2010Katie Goes CampingTammy Lyon24
2010Katie in the KitchenTammy Lyon24
2010Best Season EverTammy Lyon24
2009Too Much RainTammy Lyon24
2009A Happy DayTammy Lyon24
1960Moving DayTammy Lyon24
1960The Big LieFran ManushkinTammy Lyon24
1960No More TeasingTammy Lyon24


Kirsten Richards
Valeria Petrone
Lauren Tobia
Tammy Lyon
Laura Zarrin
Purificacion Hernandez