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Jason Tharp


Jason Tharp has dreamed of being an author and inventing crazy creatures since he was a kid. Being an obsessive daydreamer and doodler has led him to create many licensed properties, write books, and design clothing and various other products. Jason’s story proves that with hard work, determination, and a sprinkle of magic, anything is possible. He lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his super-awesome wife and kids, plus one extremely fat kitty.

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  • My Fellow Unicorns, All the things that others say that make you "different" or "weird" are *your* magic. Your life is *your*story to write; and I hope yours is filled with magic. And to John, what can I neigh?! You're haw-some. Couldn't have done this without you, thanks!
    It's Okay to Be a Unicorn!