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Jessica Courtney-Tickle

Jessica is an illustrator currently based in Cambridgeshire, England. She makes her work using a combination of scanned watercolour washes and Photoshop, sometimes throwing in the odd pencil mark too! She has worked with several clients, most recently Hachette, Frances Lincoln and Walker Books. Jessica also makes her own work which she sells through her online shop and at markets across the UK.

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The Kiss book



How did you go about developing your personal style?

For me it came from taking time off. I finished my degree in Illustration and then spent a year just doing the things I wanted to do, making the images I wanted to see. I think taking that year out helped me to find out who I was in my drawing. I try and fill my work with my favourite things these days, patterns, bright colours, tiny birds and references to vintage children's books. It has evolved now into a 'style' that reflects a lot of my thoughts and feelings about the world and who we are in it!

If you weren't a children's book author/illustrator, what would you do?

I'd like to be psychologist or an art therapist or just somebody who gets to listen to people tell their life stories every day! I have a real interest in people- their memories and thoughts, I like seeing the ways in which we're all different!

When is your favorite time to work?

I really like working at night when everyone is asleep! There's something both magical and peaceful about it and I don't feel the same pressure as I do in the working day. When I can- I also love working in the early morning when it's still dark- but I find this really hard to do- probably because I've been working too late!

Do you have any upcoming books you can tell us about?

I'm currently working on the fourth book in The Story Orchestra series which is amazing, it will be published in Autumn 2019! Also out in January 2019 (not long now) is 'The Kiss', a book written by Linda Sunderland and illustrated by me, it's all about the magic and joy that a kiss can bring to the people who catch it!

picture Books

love · family · happiness
The Kiss
music · ballet · Christmas
The Sound Orchestra: The Nutcracker
belonging · identity · nature · love · friendship
Come All You Little Persons
Four Seasons in One Day book
Spring · weather · winter · music · summer · fall
Four Seasons in One Day


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