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Jonathan London


Jonathan London is the author of more than eighty books for young readers, including the ever-popular Froggy books, as well as A Truck Goes Rattley-Bumpa and A Train Goes Clickety-Clack. He lives in Graton, California.

Here Comes Truck Driver Hippo
Here Comes Firefighter Hippo
Froggy for President!
Froggy Builds a Snowman
Froggy Picks a Pumpkin
Froggy's Lemonade Stand
Duck and Hippo the Secret Valentine
I'm a Truck Driver
Duck and Hippo Give Thanks
Sleep Train
Duck and Hippo Lost and Found
Duck and Hippo in the Rainstorm

Most Popular Jonathan London Books

    picture • 32 Pages
    Froggy Learns to Swim
    Jonathan London, Frank Remkiewicz
    picture • 32 Pages
    Froggy Plays Soccer
    Jonathan London, Frank Remkiewicz
    picture • 32 Pages
    Froggy Goes to School
    Jonathan London, Frank Remkiewicz
    picture • 32 Pages
    Froggy Plays T-Ball
    Jonathan London, Frank Remkiewicz
    picture • 32 Pages
    Froggy's Lemonade Stand
    Jonathan London
    picture • 32 Pages
    Froggy Bakes a Cake
    Frank Remkiewicz, Jonathan London

Book Stats


All Jonathan London Books

2022Here Comes Truck Driver HippoGilles Eduar32
2021Here Comes Firefighter HippoGilles Eduar32
2020Froggy for President!Frank Remkiewicz32
2020Froggy Builds a SnowmanFrank Remkiewicz32
2019Froggy Picks a PumpkinFrank Remkiewicz32
2019Froggy's Lemonade StandJonathan London32
2018Duck and Hippo the Secret ValentineAndrew Joyner32
2018I'm a Truck DriverDavid Parkins24
2018Duck and Hippo Give ThanksAndrew Joyner32
2018Sleep TrainLauren Eldridge32
2017Duck and Hippo Lost and FoundAndrew Joyner32
2017Duck and Hippo in the RainstormAndrew Joyner32
2017Froggy Goes to Grandma'sFrank Remkiewicz32
2016Froggy’s Birthday WishFrank Remkiewicz32
2016Froggy Goes to the LibraryFrank Remkiewicz32
2015Froggy Is the BestFrank Remkiewicz32
2014Froggy Gets a DoggyFrank Remkiewicz32
2013Froggy Builds a Tree HouseFrank Remkiewicz32
2013Froggy’s Worst PlaydateFrank Remkiewicz28
2012Here Comes Doctor Hippo32
2012Froggy Goes to HawaiiFrank Remkiewicz32
2011Froggy's Best BabysitterFrank Remkiewicz32
2010Froggy Goes to CampFrank Remkiewicz32
2009Froggy Plays T-BallFrank Remkiewicz32
2008Froggy Rides a BikeFrank Remkiewicz32
2007Froggy's SleepoverFrank Remkiewicz32
2006Froggy's Day with DadFrank Remkiewicz32
2005Froggy's Baby SisterFrank Remkiewicz32
2004Froggy Goes to the DoctorFrank Remkiewicz28
2004Froggy Plays in the BandFrank Remkiewicz32
2003Froggy Eats OutFrank Remkiewicz32
2002Froggy Goes to BedFrank Remkiewicz32
2002Froggy's Best ChristmasFrank Remkiewicz32
2001Froggy's HalloweenFrank Remkiewicz32
2001Froggy Plays SoccerFrank Remkiewicz32
2000Froggy Bakes a CakeFrank Remkiewicz32
1999Froggy's First KissFrank Remkiewicz32
1998Froggy Goes to SchoolFrank Remkiewicz32
1997Froggy Learns to SwimFrank Remkiewicz32
1996Let's Go, Froggy!32
1994Liplap's WishSylvia Long1
1992Froggy Gets DressedFrank Remkiewicz32
1992Lion Who Had AsthmaNadine Bernard Westcott32


Frank Remkiewicz
Nadine Bernard Westcott
David Parkins
Andrew Joyner
Lauren Eldridge
Sylvia Long
Gilles Eduar


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