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Kim Smith


Kim Smith has illustrated two picture books, including the upcoming Raven and Loon, which have been published in English and Inuktitut. She studied illustration at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta, where she currently resides.

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    Kim Smith
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    Kim Smith
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All Kim Smith Books

2020Bringing Back the Wolves: How a Predator Restored an EcosystemJude IsabellaKim Smith40
2020BoxitectsKim Smith40
2019The Karate KidKim SmithKim Smith40
2018Back to the FutureKim Smith40
2018Sofia's Party ShoesJacqueline JulesKim Smith32
2018Hector's HiccupsJacqueline JulesKim Smith32
2017Goodnight, Little BotKaren Kaufman OrloffKim Smith32
2017Great Puppy InvasionAlastair HeimKim Smith40
2017E. T. the Extra-TerrestrialKim SmithMelissa Mathison40
2017Shopping Trip TroubleJacqueline JulesKim Smith32
2017Abuela's Special LettersJacqueline JulesKim Smith32
2016Hey, Coach!Linda AshmanKim Smith32
2016Lights OutJacqueline JulesKim Smith32
2016Singing SuperstarJacqueline JulesKim Smith32
2016The Beach TripJacqueline JulesKim Smith32
2016The Secret RecipeJacqueline JulesKim Smith32
2015A Ticket Around the WorldNatalia Diaz, Melissa OwensKim Smith32
2015Picture Perfect (Sofia Martinez)Jacqueline JulesKim Smith32
2015The Missing MouseJacqueline JulesKim Smith32
2015The Marigold MessJacqueline JulesKim Smith32
2015Abuela's BirthdayJacqueline JulesKim Smith32
1960Over the River & Through the Wood: A Holiday AdventureLinda AshmanKim Smith32


Melissa Mathison
Jude Isabella
Linda Ashman
Natalia Diaz
Melissa Owens
Alastair Heim
Jacqueline Jules
Karen Kaufman Orloff

Book Dedications by Kim Smith

  • Dedicated to my #1 team, the Smiths.
    Hey, Coach!