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Lynne Avril has illustrated all the stories about young Amelia Bedelia. The artist lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Amelia Bedelia Hops to It
Amelia Bedelia & Friends Blast Off
Amelia Bedelia Scared Silly
Amelia Bedelia & Friends Mind Their Manners
Amelia Bedelia Steps Out
Amelia Bedelia Wraps It Up
Amelia Bedelia & Friends Paint the Town
Amelia Bedelia Lost and Found

Most Popular Lynne Avril Books

    chapter • 160 Pages
    Amelia Bedelia Means Business
    #1 in Series
    Herman Parish, Lynne Avril
    chapter • 160 Pages
    Amelia Bedelia Road Trip!
    #3 in Series
    Herman Parish, Lynne Avril
    picture • 32 Pages
    Amelia Bedelia Makes a Friend
    Herman Parish, Lynne Avril
    chapter • 160 Pages
    Amelia Bedelia Dances Off
    #8 in Series
    Herman Parish, Lynne Avril
    chapter • 160 Pages
    Amelia Bedelia Makes a Splash
    Herman Parish, Lynne Avril
    chapter • 160 Pages
    Amelia Bedelia Digs in
    #12 in Series
    Herman Parish, Lynne Avril

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All Lynne Avril Books

2022Amelia Bedelia Hops to ItHerman Parish160
2021Amelia Bedelia & Friends Blast OffHerman Parish160
2021Amelia Bedelia Scared SillyHerman Parish160
2021Amelia Bedelia & Friends Mind Their MannersHerman Parish160
2021Amelia Bedelia Steps OutHerman Parish32
2020Amelia Bedelia Wraps It UpHerman Parish160
2020Amelia Bedelia & Friends Paint the TownHerman Parish160
2020Amelia Bedelia Lost and FoundHerman Parish32
2020Amelia Bedelia & Friends Arise and ShineHerman Parish160
2019Amelia Bedelia Gets the PictureHerman Parish32
2019Amelia Bedelia & Friends Beat the ClockHerman Parish160
2019Amelia Bedelia & Friends The Cat's MeowHerman Parish160
2019Wagons Ho!: Then and Now on the Oregon TrailGeorge Hallowell, Joan Holub32
2018Amelia Bedelia Under the WeatherHerman Parish32
2018The Twelve Days of Christmas in Louisiana22
2018Amelia Bedelia Gets a BreakHerman Parish32
2018Amelia Bedelia Digs inHerman Parish160
2017Amelia Bedelia on the MoveHerman Parish32
2017Amelia Bedelia Makes a SplashHerman Parish160
2016Amelia Bedelia Takes the CakeHerman Parish32
2016Amelia Bedelia Ties the KnotHerman Parish160
2016Amelia Bedelia on the JobHerman Parish160
2016Amelia Bedelia by the YardHerman Parish32
2015Amelia Bedelia Dances OffHerman Parish160
2015Amelia Bedelia Sets SailHerman Parish160
2015Amelia Bedelia Is for the BirdsHerman Parish32
2015Amelia Bedelia Cleans UpHerman Parish160
2014Amelia Bedelia Chalks One UpHerman Parish32
2014Amelia Bedelia Shapes UpHerman Parish160
2014Amelia Bedelia Goes Wild!Herman Parish160
2014Amelia Bedelia Joins the ClubHerman Parish32
2013Amelia Bedelia Tries Her LuckHerman Parish32
2013Amelia Bedelia Road Trip!Herman Parish160
2013Amelia Bedelia's First Field TripHerman Parish32
2013Amelia Bedelia's First Library CardHerman Parish32
2013Amelia Bedelia Hits the TrailHerman Parish32
2013Amelia Bedelia UnleashedHerman Parish160
2013Amelia Bedelia Means BusinessHerman Parish160
2012Amelia Bedelia Sleeps OverHerman Parish32
2012Amelia Bedelia's First VoteHerman Parish32
2011Amelia Bedelia Makes a FriendHerman Parish32
2011Amelia Bedelia's First Day of SchoolHerman Parish32
2011Every Cowgirl Needs Dancing BootsRebecca Janni32
2010The Twelve Days of Christmas in Arizona40
2010Amelia Bedelia's First Apple PieHerman Parish32
2010The Pirate of KindergartenGeorge Ella Lyon40
2010Every Cowgirl Needs a HorseRebecca Janni32
2009Amelia Bedelia's First ValentineHerman Parish32
2005Amazing You: Getting Smart about Your Private Parts: A First Guide to Body Awareness for Pre-SchoolersGail Saltz32


Herman Parish
Rebecca Janni
George Ella Lyon
Gail Saltz
George Hallowell
Joan Holub


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