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Joan Holub


Joan Holub has authored and/or illustrated over 140 children’s books, including the Goddess Girls series, the Heroes in Training series, the New York Times bestselling picture book Mighty Dads (illustrated by James Dean), and Little Red Writing (illustrated by Melissa Sweet). She lives in North Carolina and is online at (Bio via

This Little Environmentalist: A Love-The-Earth Primer
Persephone & the Evil King
Athena & the Island Enchantress
Artemis & the Awesome Animals
Runaway Signs
Skade and the Enchanted Snow
Aphrodite & the Gold Apple
This Little Dreamer: An Inspirational Primer
Idun and the Apples of Youth

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All Joan Holub Books

2021This Little Environmentalist: A Love-The-Earth PrimerJoan HolubDaniel Roode26
2021Persephone & the Evil KingSuzanne Williams, Joan HolubYuyi Chen96
2020Athena & the Island EnchantressSuzanne Williams, Joan HolubYuyi Chen96
2020Artemis & the Awesome AnimalsSuzanne Williams, Joan HolubYuyi Chen96
2020Runaway SignsJoan HolubAlison Farrell32
2020Skade and the Enchanted SnowSuzanne Williams, Joan Holub272
2020Aphrodite & the Gold AppleSuzanne Williams, Joan HolubYuyi Chen96
2020This Little Dreamer: An Inspirational PrimerJoan HolubDaniel Roode26
2019Idun and the Apples of YouthSuzanne Williams, Joan Holub240
2019This Little ArtistJoan HolubDaniel Roode26
2019Hello Dinosaurs!Joan HolubChris Dickason26
2019Athena & the Magic LandJoan Holub, Suzanne WilliamsYuyi Chen96
2019Wagons Ho!George Hallowell, Joan HolubLynne Avril32
2019Hello Robots!Joan HolubChris Dickason26
2018Sif and the Dwarfs’ TreasuresJoan Holub, Suzanne Williams272
2018This Little Scientist: A Discovery PrimerJoan HolubDaniel Roode26
2018Pumpkin CountdownJoan HolubJan Smith32
2018Apple CountdownJoan HolubJan Smith32
2018Hello Knights!Joan HolubChris Dickason26
2018Hello Ninjas!Joan HolubChris Dickason26
2018Freya and the Magic JewelJoan Holub, Suzanne Williams272
2017Medea the EnchantressJoan Holub, Suzanne Williams272
2017This Little Trailblazer: A Girl Power PrimerJoan HolubDaniel Roode26
2017Tool SchoolJoan HolubJames Dean32
2016This Little ExplorerJoan HolubDaniel Roode26
2016Gretel Pushes BackSuzanne Williams, Joan Holub192
2016Snowflake Freezes UpSuzanne Williams, Joan Holub192
2016Perseus and the Monstrous MedusaJoan Holub, Suzanne WilliamsCraig Phillips128
2016Good Job, Athena!Joan HolubLeslie Patricelli24
2016Don't Get Lost, Odysseus!Joan HolubLeslie Patricelli24
2016This Little President: A Presidential PrimerJoan HolubDaniel Roode26
2015Mini Myths: Be Careful, Icarus!Joan HolubLeslie Patricelli22
2015Goldilocks Breaks inSuzanne Williams, Joan Holub192
2015Mini Myths: Brush Your Hair, Medusa!Joan HolubLeslie Patricelli24
2015Mini Myths: Make a Wish, Midas!Joan HolubLeslie Patricelli24
2015Sleeping Beauty Dreams BigSuzanne Williams, Joan Holub192
2014Aphrodite the FairSuzanne Williams, Joan Holub272
2014Rapunzel Cuts LooseSuzanne Williams, Joan Holub183
2014Mini Myths: Play Nice, Hercules!Joan HolubLeslie Patricelli24
2014Mini Myths: Be Patient, Pandora!Joan HolubLeslie Patricelli24
2014Snow White Lucks OutSuzanne Williams, Joan Holub182
2014Mighty DadsJoan HolubJames Dean40
2014Athena the ProudSuzanne Williams, Joan Holub240
2014Red Riding Hood Gets LostSuzanne Williams, Joan Holub183
2013Cassandra the LuckySuzanne Williams, Joan Holub256
2013Little Red WritingJoan HolubMelissa Sweet36
2012The Girl GamesSuzanne Williams, Joan Holub320
2012Ballet StarsJoan Holub24
2012Who Was Babe RuthJoan Holub112
2011Athena the WiseSuzanne Williams, Joan Holub256
2010Artemis the BraveSuzanne Williams, Joan Holub240
2010Aphrodite the BeautySuzanne Williams, Joan Holub176
2010Persephone the PhonySuzanne Williams, Joan Holub160
2010Athena the BrainSuzanne Williams, Joan Holub176
2003Dragon DanceJoan HolubBenrei Huang16
1997Boo Who? a Spooky Lift-The-Flap BookJoan HolubJoan Holub24


Daniel Roode
Chris Dickason
Suzanne Williams
Leslie Patricelli
Jan Smith
Yuyi Chen
Craig Phillips
Melissa Sweet
Benrei Huang
George Hallowell
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James Dean