Marieke Nelissen

As a child I loved to draw rainbows and the Easter Bunny. Also strange fantasy creatures appeared on my paper. I closed my eyes, moved my pencil on the paper and from the odd shapes I created beasts. Loads of colour was needed for every drawing to come alive. After school I went to art school. I wanted to become a fashion illustrator, but I soon found out fashion was not my taste. Actually I don’t care about clothes at all. So I changed direction and started to study visual design. Finally I specialized in illustration.

After finishing Art School I decided I needed a job. Well, everybody had one, so I thought I needed one too. I worked as a cook and after being tired of baking steaks all day I found a job as a graphic designer. Slowly I found my way to children’s books. Every day I saw the most beautiful artworks passing by when I was designing books and other stuff for children. When the company went bankrupt, I tasted freedom and started to work freelance. First as a designer with a longing to illustrate for children. And now finally there where I want to be. Illustrating books for children! Using ink, aquarel, pencil, crayon, basically everything needed to get the right mood on paper.

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Yokki and the Parno Gry


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